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Can I Install Windows 11 with a 5960x?

Level 7
I feel like I've tried everything, from adding the registry key that MS mentioned (MoSetup) and the DWORD key to the LabConfig key. I've added both of those sets of keys to my Windows 10 installation and to the X: drive when attempting to install Windows 11. Nothing seems to work. Sorry, I'm shortening that explanation up a little, but that's basically it.

Any hints on trying to get it installed on my PC?

EDIT: I just realized that I'd been attempting to perform an "Upgrade" vs a Custom install. All instructions call for a Clean Install, so it looks. is there actually a way to upgrade? Using the Upgrade option, I got no further before I got a compatibility check. With the Custom option, I got to the screen where I can remove and create partitions. I'm afraid that once I create new partitions, effectively formatting my computer and losing everything, I might end up getting the system requirements error once finally get to the install screen, and that I'll have to restore my computer from a backup, back on Windows 10. Any truth to that?

Level 7
I am running Windows 11 with a 5960x

I always install from a DVD.

I have made a few various Windows 11 instal DVDs

The origonal W11 created with Microsoft Media Creation Tool

Another created with Win 11 Boot And Upgrade FiX KiT from mydigitallife forum.

You can create various DVD using MediaCreationTool.bat from the github site.

You can do an online W11 upgrade with the MediaCreationTool.bat from Github

If your computer doesn't have a DVD drive use a $30 USB one.

I would remove your boot drive and instal another to practice on.

Do a clean instal an check whether you are activated.

Every time you change to a different CPU you lose activation.

I'm planning to instal a XEON E5-2697AV4

Have you updated your BIOS to v4101 beta ? Only use flashback.