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Bootup Problem

Level 7
Hi everyone,

I have been experiencing some issues of late. My case is a HAF X. The top IO panel was broken so I was replacing the. Before the replacement my computer was booting up fine and everything was normal.

After I replaced the IO panel my computer is refusing to boot now. The Q-Code doesn't go past 9c. I checked the manual and that says it's stuck on the USB detect phase.
I also checked the back of the motherboard. No USB hubs are working except the LAN1_USB3_E910. Every hub above that still has voltage but is refusing to charge my phone. The LAN hub also has voltage and does charge my phone when I plug it in.

I'm running out of ideas on how to fix this...

Does anyone have an idea and can someone please help me further?
I will post more information if it's needed to help the problem...

Have a fine day,


Level 7
Yes, sorry for the late reply...
I'll be heading to a computer shop tomorrow to test if my RAM and CPU and PSU are working and good.
If so indeed then the motherboard must be faulty...
I'll post how it goes tomorrow.

Level 7
Hi everyone,

Sorry for replying after so long, but i finally got my motherboard last week...

I installed it and everything is working fine now, i'm even running Windows 10 64-bit smoothly on it...

The problem that the PC kept shutting down is that there were indeed a few bent pins around the edges that i missed, but the problem why the board kept hanging at the 9C Q-Code is still a mystery...

I do not know if ASUS could have fixed it or not but they sent me a new board which is nice...
I do wish to know why the motherboard was hanging on the 9C code though...

On the overall, my PC is running very smooth with nothing to complain =D

I however found a issue with the motherboard, i also had this issue of the previous board, that when i'm using the motherboard too long, let's say 4 days without a restart and i restart it, that the system won't post, you don't even hear the "beep" from the speaker connected to the system panel...

I found a workaround for this however, i just turn my PSU off and wait till all lights die out, and turn my power back on, then my BIOS completes his post correctly...

I think it might have something to do with the fastboot but i didn't have much time to debug that...


Thanks everyone for the help.

It has been an honor 😃

Have a fine day further and happy gaming everyone,