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Bootloop problem without even a Q-code

Level 7
Hi guys i have a problem with my PC .
I changed today my graphics Card . After i had it done i tried to start my PC again but now it is in a bootloop.
The fans only starts short and stops again all the time and it doesnt come even to a Q-code.
I have no idea what the problem can be.

here is a short youtube video from the problem

Level 9
take off VGA power cable and start PC has to cycle and bleep for no VGA after Put power cable back restart that might help

Level 10
Exactly same happen to me when I install board today... I thought What is now...??? but I figure out I didn't install two fans from H100 in pump...
Fast I disable everything... and It was nice to see normal pretty fast boot after I connect fans.
And BIOS ask me to connect 3 pin connector from pump to CPU fan.
Thanks god I had screws for LGA 2011 for H100, I remember that when I start installation... I bought him before several years but thanks god that was series with LGA2011... Maybe you should check CPU cooler connection with motherboard.

Yes you need to disconnect all cables and try again...if same problem continue you will need back up PSU and VGA.
I always try to have them in house.

Hi i taked off the VGA cable and started the PC but it doesnt helped and there is no bleep for no VGA.
So i tryed it with my old AMD 6970 but still the same. Soo you might be think its the PSU than? My first thought was i killed the Mainboard...

Level 9
Hi How old is power supply and what is wattage did you connected both EATX12v-1 8pin EATX-2 4pin cables and CPU is it sitting correctly in the 2011-3 socket ? and try different PCI-Ex VGA socket

Level 10
If VGA is not problem and I suspect on that, can be memory, or board.
I don't see from video, did you connect something on CPU fan?

Level 10
1st I would reset the BIOS then I would troubleshoot a knocked connection such as the CPU 8 + 4 pin connections at the top of the board after the above suggestions but it should boot with no cpu fan header to warn you.
Then the 1 stick of ram in the red slot test. After that start unlugging everything else for a bare bones build.

asking the obvious, does the old card still work ok in it ?

Level 15