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Bluetooth gone completely after PC refresh - Not in device manager or settings?

Level 7
Really odd. I refreshed my PC because I was having Bluetooth dropouts and now Bluetooth has disappeared entirely.
I've reinstalled WiFi/Bluetooth drivers, restarted the Bluetooth system, etc. all to no avail.

Has anyway been faced with a similar issue? It's not appeared at all in SETTINGS under DEVICES and there is no longer
anything called USB Bluetooth module in DEVICE MANAGER (or any other mention of Bluetooth). All I did is refresh and reinstall drivers?

Help appreciated.


Level 9
What about Bequite 900pro 5947059470

Thanks for responding Chino. Here are my specs. I've also attached two screenshots, one of Settings and the other of my Device Manager with everything,
including hidden, listed. I've tried various different bluetooth driver versions, installed and uninstalled, restarted Services, etc. and have refreshed my PC twice.
If you look at the Device Manager Pic, I'm getting a single unknown USB driver which I haven't been able to fix). Could that be related?
No description if I try "Hardware ID". Is there a way to reset Bluetooth in the BIOS?

Rampage V Edition 10 bios 0901
Core i7 6950X
Corsair H100i v2 CPU Cooler
G.Skill Trident Z 64GB (4x16GB) PC4-24000 (3000MHz) DDR4, 14-14-14-34-2N, 1.35v
Intel 750 Series 1.2TB PCIe NVMe 2.5" SSD
Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1080
OriginPC Genesis Case
G810 Logitech Keyboard
MXMaster Logitech mouse
Win 10 Pro x64

More expanded Device Manager if this helps...


Level 15

I used the "Reset PC" option under "Recovery" in Settings (twice now).
Using the "keep your files" option.
This is after installing the latest 13 September Windows 10 Anniversary patch.

Level 15
Try disabling the Bluetooth module in the BIOS. Then boot back into Windows and shutdown your system. Go back into the BIOS and enable the Bluetooth module again. See if Windows pick it up.

Thanks Chino. I disabled Bluetooth in the BIOS and rebooted. When I went back to the device manager, the USB error had gone and no Bluetooth.
Then I went back into the bios and enabled Bluetooth again. The USB error was back, but unfortunately no Bluetooth.

Do you know if there's any way to ensure that all references to a Bluetooth driver have been uninstalled? I've tried a lot of different drivers and I wonder if they've left something behind that's causing issues.
I've tried installing the Bluetooth driver manually too. Downloaded the latest version, pointed to it in device manager (from the faulty USB) and then browsing to and installing. It always tells me it couldn't start.

Alternatively, is there a way to physically turn off the Bluetooth module on the motherboard itself? And then switch it back on again? A jumper? Checked the manual, but couldn't see anything obvious.

Or should I try the nuclear option, do a complete factory reset and start over?
Or is the "Reset PC" option in Recovery already doing that? Does that completely remove all drivers and reset to original installations?

Pretty sure it's not hardware. Happened immediately after PC Reset. Was mostly working before that (with only occasional drop outs).
Ironically the reset was supposed to improve Bluetooth not remove it completely...

Level 15
If you don't have anything on your OS, I would just do a fresh install. Right after the installation is completed, go to device manager and point device to the Bluetooth driver. See if that works.