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BIOS is updating

Level 10
I switched on my computer this morning and I have this message greeting me and it's still ongoing;

BIOS is updating.
Do not shut down or reset the system to prevent system bootup failure.

The Q-Code is 90

So far it's over an hour and still waiting. My BIOS was 0603 and I haven't flashed or download the latest version. The manual doesn't mention this.
My specs are:

Rampage V Extreme
i7 5930K
Corsair Hydro H110
Corsair Obsidian 750D
Samsung ssd 840 EVO 1TB
Seagate Barracuda 2TB
4X4GB Corsair Platinum Dominator 2666
Corsair AX1200i
Lite-On 124-14
ROG Pheobus soundcard
Gigabyte GTX GeForce 670
Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit

Level 13
The update procedue should only occur after a UEFI update is made. If it ocurs any other time, it means the system is unstable. Cuases of that would be an overly aggressive overclock or incorrect settings.

Level 10
Thanks for replying. I did overclock yesterday by 4.2Ghz with 1.275 voltage. I ran Prime95 for 2 hours with cpu peaking at 68 C.

The 'BIOS is updating...' is still showing and no percentage counter is showing.

What can I do to rectify? I haven't done any fixes yet - I'm not sure where to start.

Level 10
No good. After that, went into F1 and made sure it's the default and the 'BIOS is updating...' message is showing again and no percentage counter is showing.

Level 10
Success! I hope, I opened my case and noticed the pled is out of the system connector broken. I put them properly. However the same message again.

I then cleared CMOS and then switch to BIOS chip 2 and boot up. The same message is there and then shut down. Press the CMOS again and switch back to BIOS chip 1 and booted up fine.

Thanks for your help.

Level 10
The problem is back again. If I reboot, it's fine but if I shut down, the 'BIOS is updating...' message is back again.

Level 10
It was 0603 and then I just flashed it to 0802. The same message appeared again after flashing and instead of being stuck on that message, it rebooted after a few seconds and then booted up fine which I am now typing on my PC instead of on my phone.

I'm going to shut down and see if the same message is back again.

Level 10
For the first time, it booted up fine after shutting down. I'm keeping an eye on it.