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BIOS 1801 and Logitech devices ?!

Level 8

Installed BIOS 1801. Curious about the changelog that states it solves Logitech device issues. Does anyone know what that means for real ? What kind of issues ? With which Logitech device ?

I have a few and wonder what I missed or what this is all about. Thanks !

Level 7
I have had USB issues since I bought my X99a-ii. I used two different Logitech mice and got dropouts and USB spikes. The CPU will spike to 100% at times, sometimes at a standstill. I always thought it was a USB error in general but this might explain it. I use dual monitors and its most noticeable when I expect the mouse to be on the other screen but it got lost somewhere across the two and its a nightmare trying to work out where it is because it lost connection and it still isn't moving.

Do you have some similar kind of issue and are you on the same board?

The trouble I've had with pinning it to Logitech is that I'm sure I've had the same errors and spikes with different brands of mice, including wired mice, but I'm not certain.

Level 10
I had problems before with Rampage V Extreme and Logitech Gaming Software.
Lucky for me I used keyboard shortcut to check what happen in device manager, because I was scared that board had some USB Problem.
Because no matter where I connect Mouse I couldn't move cursor but keyboard worked. Than I figure out Yellow signs and mess in device manager, after Uninstall Logitech Gaming Software everything back on normal and I could use same mouse.
That happen before 5-6 months, after that I didn't installed Logitech Gaming Software.
Before that LGS was most stable software for me.
I never had such problems and I use Logitech whole life and they are my first choice for mouse always.
I hope ASUS motherboards will not have problems with Logitech mouse and software in futures because I ordered MX Master 2S on discount to replace my G700.
Simply I have no confidence in CORSAIR, Razer, Steelseries as in Logitech, because I used them whole life, even 20 euro worth office mouse from them are reliable and work at least 5 years without any change in structure and quality.