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BIOS 1 - Boot loop with Q-code 00

Level 10
Honestly I partly bought the Rampage V because BIOS flashing seemed extraordinarily stable with the extra features (2 BIOS ICs, flashback, BIOS copy function).
However, after having flashed one BIOS IC about three times without problems it seems to be dead now (very disappointed, because I dont seem to be the only one).

With the faulty BIOS 1 activated, I am stuck in the boot loop (restarts every ~3 seconds with q-code showing always "00").
Any ideas how I can recover it?

I tried already (of course clearing the CMOS):
- Bios copy (BIOS 2 --> BIOS 1)
- EZ Flashback
with no luck. Note that both procedures seem to be executed well (with blinking LEDs). As I am running V3301 fine on BIOS 2, I tried flashing the same version on BIOS 1.

I have already ordered a 10 € CMOS programmer in China but I would like to avoid using it - and I wonder if would I need a new CMOS-chip anyway or could the faulty one be restoerd with the programmer?

I had both BIOS chips posting, then after COPY BIOS2 to BIOS1, the BIOS1 chip would enter endless post loop with Q-code "00". I can post with BIOS2 chip. I ordered a replacement BIOS chip for the R5E from, and also have an RMA offer from ASUS. To follow through on the RMA, I would have to go through the enormous work of strip all components off the mobo to ship back to ASUS repair center, they will not send a replacement chip. So I am left with these two choices: replace BIOS1 with chip from bios-chip24 or RMA the board. Your discussion of the chip having a unique UUID identifier and mac address has me concerned with Windows authentication issues. I have not installed Win 10 yet, but every time I changed BIOS chips would I get an authentication error and have to resolve with Windows? Is it true that the chip itself had identifiers programmed in that Windows uses for licensing? I thought the mac address was in the NIC chip at the Ethernet socket or the WAN chip, not the BIOS chip? Thank you.