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Rampage V Edition 10 gives 1,248V to the 5960x

Hi,i wonder because in Bios and in Windows (idle) the cpu get every time 1,248V - loaded only the bios default and enable xmp for my 128GB Kingston DDR4 2666Mhz Kit.Thank you very much for your help!

Mappi75 by Level 8
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intel 750 m.2 on rampage 5 10

i am using the rampage 5 edition 10 with the intel 6950x and I am wondering if I could raid 0 a intel 750 m.2 1.2gb pcie and a intel 750 m.2 2.5 inch in the m.2 slot ?thank you in advance

aryan51 by Level 7
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RVE10 - Utilising m.2 and u.2 slots?

I am wondering if:1. Am I able to utilise both m.2 and u.2 interfaces at the same time.2.a. Can I hardware RAID 0 the m.2 and u.2 drives so I have a bootable OS drive.2.b. If not, is there another way to do it while still having the same speed benefi...

Keveira by Level 7
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No Beeps from Cold Boot (Inconsistent)

This is very inconsistent and has always been happening on my computer. When my computer turns on, normally there's a shrieking beep, followed by the normal beep. Fist of all, not sure what the shrieking beep is, as I'd never heard of it before unt...


Can it use 2 samsung m.2 in raid 0 on the new RVE10 OR 2 intel 750 M. 2 1.2tb in raid 0 can its use the first intel 750 M. 2 in the U.2 slot and for the second one put it in the 2nd pcie slot will that work in raid 0

aryan51 by Level 7
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OC Panel Rampage V has no effect

Not sure when this stopped working as I don't use it much. After updating BIOS to 3301 and apparently fixing my restart problem I wanted to try some delicate overclocks on my watercooled system. Currently just standard 3500 and 3700 turbo.However the...

RVE and Redstone 1 / bios

Hello,I have a RVE 'original' with 2101 bios. 5930k. 32Gb Corsair.Up til now i am running 1511 of windows 10 and i must say i am very pleased, all is working fine !Now, i have tried 2x a Redstone 1 upgrade and to my surprise, i have had so much probl...

Bcheck by Level 7
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Rampage V Edition 10 - No Video output and bios error D6

Hi,Brand new mobo, Rampage V Edition 10i7 6900KGigabyte GTX 1080 G1I'm facing pretty weird issue here and i can't get the mobo to work at all.Powering on my machine, can hear the post beep and that's it, nothing no video at all and if i have video it...

Honami by Level 7
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RVE10 : NVMe and other PCIe stuff

Hello there,I'm willing to upgrade my old 850 Pro SSD to a NVMe one (950 or Intel new P6xx). I'm wondering how this could impact the RVE10 PCIe chain ? I need 2x 16x for the GFX as well as 1x for a dedicated sound card. Oh yeah and if I can keep onbo...

linxeye by Level 8
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New Test BIOS for Rampage V Extreme MOBO

I am still testing this new 0044 BIOS. My system remains stable. I know there are a number of you very interested in getting this new test BIOS. Please be patient as I know the ASUS engineers are looking to release a good solution to the many issues ...

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