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Idiot posting. Help with 6950x and and R5E V10 overclocking....

Ok so, I dont like to call myself an idiot but....My overclocking patience has long since left the station years ago.Im running a 6950x and new (as of today) R5E V10 (just swapped out a regular R5E for it).I dont fully get the intel Turbo Boost Max t...

Bluetooth not working on Rampage V Edition 10

Hi,Despite reading all the reported issues on the Rampage V Edition 10, I went on to buy this bad ass motherboard. Every thing is setup and working perfectly including HiFi DAC except Bluetooth. It is just not working. Not detecting any device nor vi...

Asus please fix MemTest86 v7 UEFI problems

according to this thread:http://www.passmark.com/forum/memtest86/5743-list-of-motherboards-with-issues-when-running-memtest86-in-multi-cpu-selection-modes?5881-List-of-Motherboards-with-issues-when-running-MemTest86-in-multi-CPU-selection-modes=&p=33...

Mappi75 by Level 8
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sonic sound stage

How do I get the sonic soundstage to work in windows 10? Am I missing a driver? Use to have it on windows 8.1 but after fresh windows 10 install I dont have it?thank you

drop4205 by Level 12
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oc panel firmware

Hi, What exactly does updating the oc panel firmware do?It seems to be another black hole of information, like improved stability for bios.

snafup by Level 7
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RVE10 Adaptive voltage not working.

Hey guys. I noticed that the adaptive voltage is not doing anything on my system. No matter what I set it to, it will give 1.271 during load (via CPU-Z) on my 6850K. Only when I adjust the Offset along with the adaptive voltage will the load voltages...

pc turn off

dearI assembled my new pc less than 1month but in this period my pc suddenly turn off.(not restarting) fully off. I do not do heavy work.can someone helpme.main board: rampage v edition 10cpu: 6950 xram: 4x16 tridentzvga: giga 1080 extemre

afshin by Level 7
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Raid 0 of intel 750 series pci need some help

Hello folks!!I would like to know if is possible to make a Raid 0 of 2 Intel SSDs 750 series 400GB PCI (non sata)I have just one gpu in the first PCI bay.Is there some incompability around the others pci bays? Until now i know that pci Raid 0 is po...

Cneves by Level 7
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