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rampage v edition 10 stock apps

dearhow can i activate DAEMON Tools Pro on rampage v edition 10? where can i find serial number/thanks

afshin by Level 7
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Network Speed unstable when copying files over USB3!

I've had this board since release and never really copied a large amount of files from my SSD to a USB3 external drive, I found my network speed to drop in its ass and my ping become unstable was pinging from 60-999 in BF1 i had to stop my file tran...


Wi FI not working on Rampage edition 10

HelloI have install the new Rampage edition 10 (at last) and I have some issues...one is the Wi fi not work and two the usb charger+ not install. When I boot 2 windows of Asus write that the wifi engine and usb charger+ not install...I reinstall wi...

Koutport by Level 7
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Motherboard on but not booting

I just recently got the Asus Rampage Extreme V. I have plugged in everything and then turned on my computer according to the instructions for first time boot up. When I turn it on, the lights come on the motherboard, but none of the fans turn on and ...

Download slows when playing offline video

My global download speed and wireless connection take a massive hit when I play any media on my Win10 computer. I think it's the ( Wireless driversI've been troubleshooting this issue for a year now and I have traced the problem to the R5E...

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Rampage v extreme problems. need help!! Q codes 17, 19

To start off yes im a noob (sorry if i say anything stupid.) to pc building and i need help. Was wondering if anyone out there knows what the cause of q code 17, 19 hang ups are.( 17 pre memory system agent initialization started, 19 pre memory pch i...


I got the m/b when it was available in the uk and I have a few issues with it, the port for keyboards in the back has issues, when I connect keyboards they don't work at times and I have to unplug it and plug it back in for it to workthis is temperam...

MarkB by Level 7
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Windows 10 Sleep/Hibernate Issue

Hi all,I've had this problem now for a year. I've "dealt with it" but lately I started investigating to see if I can fix it.I'm currently on 3202 but have had this issue on every bios since I've had it. I'm running a 5690 with 16GB of Kingston RAM.Wh...

Cpu oc

If starting to run 5930k cpu on 125mhz base clock , would it have more advantages or disadvantages?

qwertz by Level 9
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Don't know if this is right.

Hello guys!I'm still tinkering with my overclock, and did some Aida64 stability test, I don't use any LLC it's just on Auto for now.I really don't know if this looks great but the temps are jumping around like crazy. is it normal or should i adjust s...

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