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Pump and PWM

HelloI have 2 pump D5 PWM (the same) plugged in PWM on the 4pins Water Pump of the R5E10 (blue and yellow file)Can someone explain me how the PWM works on the R5E10?ExampleI do not know if for 30° for example, it is up to 30°, from 30°And for Middle ...

tistou77 by Level 13
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W10 Anniversary bug on RVE Intel LAN adaptor?

Hi all, you have got this bug on the I218V LAN since updating to latest W10?It is when on cold boot, the internet performance of the adaptor is crawling slow (5~8mbps) . I had to either reboot to get my normal internet speed back, or i go device mana...

dansi by Level 7
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Replacement backplates?

Are you able to source replacement backplates for the lga2011-3 socket. My mobo never came with one (second hand) and to mount any air cooler/ water block i need a backplate??Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk

M.2 PCIE SSD question

About to purchase the 950 pro from newegg and currently running two GTX Titan X SC's (first gen) and wondering if installing this M.2 will eat into the PCI-E lanes at all? I know some sata ports will be disabled but will I be sacrificing bandwidth?

Lynkdev by Level 10
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Bios chips R5E and R5E10

Are the bios chips for these boards interchangeable?I have a R5E chip that I might use later for the R5E10 if I need it. Question is whether it will work?Thanks.

Hopper64 by Level 15
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Lucky thanks to PS/2 port

I was overclocking my Strix 980Ti with GPUTweak and did something wrong (specifically I overclocked gpu and ram, and then set a fixed 60 FPS framerate, the program didn't like it twice and reset it back to auto, then crashed my PC.I tried to fix it d...

erixx11 by Level 11
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Blue screen

Hello I got a rampage v 16 gb ram Evga 780 sli SSDIv got blue screen with number 0x24b10002 when I play csgoWhat could be wrong?

RVE10: OC Question regarding Cache Voltage

Hi,I've got a question regarding something strange I'm facing. I'm in the process of tweaking my new RVE10 based build, acctualy performing OC. One aspect is the cache ratio and therefore I'm using manual voltage settings for the cache voltage. But t...

dialsc by Level 7
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RVE10 Issues continue - USB keyboard stops responding....

So the issues with this board continue..... why the hell does my Logitech G910 Orion Spark keep disconnecting from the back USB 3.0 ports??? My G900 mouse works fine...only the keyboard keeps disconnecting. Running all of the latest drivers from the ...

Quick OC question about CPU Cache voltage

Hey all,I never understood this relationship with the CPU voltage. If I have my CPU voltage at 1.30V, what are the 'guidelines' for the CPU Cache Voltage? I have seen some people say it should be .5 less or .5 more. Some even say it should be match...

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