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Extremely lagy OS UI

every time I boot to windows 10 pro dragging the mouse seems smooth but when selecting a portion of the desktop the selection stay locked even after releasing the left mouse button and right clicking on the desktop shows an empty box with context men...

Can't Disable CSM on My Rampage V Extreme

Hi,I was trying to disable Compatibility Support Module (CSM) on the UEFI as I heard it will decrease boot time but when I do that my SSD, HDD and NVMe drives disappears from the boot menu and when ever I start the PC I just be redirected to the UEFI...

Rampage V Extreme (X99) Naughty Bios?

Hi Everyone,Just asking around to see if anyone know’s of any issues with the last 2 bios updates forRampage VBeen using bios RAMPAGE V EXTREME/U3.1 BIOS 1801 from 2015/12/21Happily with no issues at all. Noticed asus has managed to release a few upd...

PCIe Intel 750 SSD - Which PCIe slot to use?

I purchased a Intel 750 1.2tb PCIe SSD (http://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/solid-state-drives/solid-state-drives-750-series.html). I was reading on Toms Hardware " best performance from a link attached to your CPU (rather than a Platform Contro...

dbpavey by Level 8
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Rampage V e10 Cooler connection

dear recently I bought rampage v edition 10 and also bought coolermaster master liquid 280 as cpu cooler !I have a question about cooler cable connection to header. this motherboard has more header for coolers.I connect the cable from PUMP to Pump He...

afshin by Level 7
  • 7 replies
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I'm scared of plugging my psu cables to the Rampage V edition 10

Recently got a brand new Rampage V Edition 10 and a Corsair AX1500i psu but,i'm pretty scared of plugging the cables to the board because they don't get locked and i'm afraid i'll break something if i push them too much...Has this happened to anyone ...

R5E10 - Broadwell-E - What is VTT (CPU I/O Voltage)

Hi,while having fun with overclocking and reading a lot about it, I very often read about VTT which seems to be known as CPU analog/digital I/O voltage. I wonder if this is something that is available for a i7-6850K - Broadwell-E processor because I ...

dialsc by Level 7
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Rampage v ed.10 win 10 install problem

Situation: just updated my PC. Short specs below.I try to install Windows 10 Home, from the provided USB and it wont install.I get passed the initial install, but it always errors out after the re-start.A hand full of Microsoft stop code errors ensu...

drokker by Level 7
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R5E + Overclock + 960 Evo Problems

hey guys so i have been running a RVE and a 5930k with a steady overclock of 4.5ghz @1.264v tied with ddr4 3000 mhz and have been using this overclock since day one of purchase after i all testing and i had the samsung 950 pro as my boot drive direct...

RxL-Soul by Level 7
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