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Long boot Time - Rampage V Extreme

POST complete, first ROG logo appears and all my usb devices are connected. Then second ROG logo appears and all usb device shuts off for 4-5 seconds. Dots starts spinning and then my desktop appears. Total boot time <60 seconds. First boot after Ins...

Egost by Level 7
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MY PC Randomly kills all power after BIOS UPDATE

Between the bios update of 2101 - 3402 (most current one) it causes my Desktop to randomly shutdown as if power is being cut. However, when i roller back to any other BIOS this problem does not occur. It seems that with 2101 bios update they changed ...

djwillj by Level 7
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Any new BIOS for the R5E10 coming?

So 1003 isn't playing nice with my RAM and in fact I had to go back to 801. Not the worst thing in the world but I've seen two or three updates for the R5E and nothing recently with the R5E10.Bueller?

Our preferred memory stress test

Google stressapp test via Linux Mint (or another compatible Linux disti) is the best memory stress test available. Google use this stress test to evaluate memory stability of their servers – nothing more needs to be said about how valid that makes th...

Raja by Level 13
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AE boot Rampage 5

Hi guys , Here is a funny story , but very frustrating for me . Had a rampage 5 extreme motherboard and untill 3 days ago worked just fine after more than 1 year . However, after a restart I got the AE code and will not boot from anything anymore . ...

AI OC TUNNER has a problem with pcie nvme ssd

AI OC TUNNER default is autothis auto option makes the system unstableexactly increases pcie crc error (c7)change it to manual, it disappearsI bought intel 750 x 2ea, r5e x 2ea, rv02b x 2ea, x2000fn x 1ea to figure this outim angry when I think of...

r2d2r2 by Level 7
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Very Slow Boot on the Rampage V Extreme

I am using the defaults settings but with minimal tweaks only : fast boot on cold fast boot on disabling my CPU header fan control for my h100i v2 cooler but booting on the my Rampage V Extreme takes up the 40sec !!! really? my 4k lenovo y50 laptop b...

bios loop issue

Hello everyone,So this problem started recently like 2 weeks ago after being stable for well over a year now.One day, I restarted my PC and it didn't boot to my OS on my SSD like normal, it did this weird black screen with a loading bar on the top le...

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