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Problem with RVE10: no sata drives are recognised

I am facing a problem with my SATA ports. No matter how I route the supply to my HDD (a sata/3) and my LG BH16 BD burner, and no matter which port I use, the bios will never recognise any of the two as sata devices.Among things I tried: disable fast ...

fpex73 by Level 7
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PC works fine but gpu_led is on?

My new pc works fine but the GPU_Led turns on white , if i restart the pc the led turns off! is this normal?MOBO: RAMPAGE V ED 10My psu is a Corsair AX760wCPU- I7 6850K oc'ed to 4.2 GPU- ASUS STRIX A8G 1080

Random Restarts Solution!

Hi guys,So I have been having random reboot problems for quite a while now, PC would just randomly cut out and restart by itself, no matter what load it was under or what I was doing on it, it was completely random when it would happen. I have a 5820...

A1337 by Level 7
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Adaptive Vcore & BIOS 3501

I'm having an issue with ths latest BIOS. When I manually set my Vcore to 1.275, it works as expected. However I like to use adaptive voltage. When I enter my previous settings (or any settings) for adaptive voltage, it will max out at 1.2v and will ...

CMDRZOD by Level 7
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Problem with RVE10 message '' chassis intruded fatal''

Hello,Today I replace my old HAF932 with new Corsair 760 and the first boot I took this message*'' chassis intruded fatal error system halted'' .I try cmos replace cables of disks etc nothing at all.I google it and *someone do something with a jumper...

Rampage v / bios 3501 / samsung 960 evo / overclocking

Hello all hope someone can help me out. i got a new samsung 960 evo 250gb last night and im getting a bit stuck setting it up right... i think1st thing i did before the install of windows was to reset the bios then load the usb with windows on in uef...

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R5E10 USB 3.1 Boost in Asus Suite III

Hey all,So my Asus 3.1 slot works fine when I plug a USB 3.0 device in. In the Asus Suite III if I plug in my USB 3.0 into a 3.0 slot, I see it in the Asus Suite 3.1 boost and can activate it into Turbo mode. (Although I ran some tests and there is...

slow usb 3 ports rampage 10

slow usb3 was ok on my old rampage v i used to get at least 215 mb/s read and 109 mb/s write on my same ole mushkin 32gb usb stick now with this rampage 10 driving me nuts i get like 74 mb/s read 22 mb/s write on the internal front bottom of board ...

EaglePC by Level 10
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GPU loading stalls restarts.

Hi all, have an issue when restarting, been like it for a while and i normally just sigh and do what i need to restart again.When i restart my system, when it has been active for a while, It loses the video signal for some reason. I see the m...

snafup by Level 7
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EK Blood Red Now Jimmy Purple?

Or is it prince?No sediment and these systems were last filled at roughly the same time. They were blood-red but after putting some heat into them, now they they are what you see here. I only really care if it is indicative of a problem with the me...

cekim by Level 11
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