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R5E not recognising more than one graphics card at a time

Hi,I have tried adding a new graphics card to my system but it won't recognise anything unless it's in the first PCI slot.I have tried all slots, the new card works in the first slot and the old one has the same problem with the rest of the slots too...

Is the RVE secure erase the same as Samsung's?

Hey, I just want to secure erase my old drives. Just checking if anyone knows if Samsung's drives use the same implementation of secure erase (The new version of magician removed the ability to reboot for secure erase)?

Error Code 68 Asus Rampage V Extreme

Getting error Code 68....memory has passed memtest86...Power supply has been tested and is 100% fine...Video card is 100%...no issues....latest BIOS flashed..no bent pins in socketCMOS cleared...error remainsCode 68 refers to PCI Host Bridge Initiali...

Rampage V edition 10 usb troll???

So , i assembled my pc with the Asus Rampage V edition 10 and the pendrive inside the box is empty lol wtf? the motherboard is from a retailer in italysorry for bad englando

Error 68 Code Rampage V Extreme

Have an issue with error code 68....have checked ram...flashed BIOS to latest..Cleared CMOS..Power supply has been checked and is 100%fully functioning.....cant get past error 68 code upon boot....is this a motherboard issue or CPU (6850k) issue.Need...

Slow boot discussion (X99)

(quotes moved from Arne goes mainstream - where the discussion was "wrecking" the thread, lol.)Korth wrote:Note to ASUS: do something about excessive startup/shutdown times on whatever flagship X299 mobo you launch, lol. It's pretty shameful to see a...

Korth by Level 14
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Asus Rampage V Edition 10 Sound issues

Is anyone else having sound issues with their ed 10. I installed the previous bios and not 1503 i think and my front panel does not work nor register that it is installed. I have newest drivers from Realtek and all that. I really need this to work as...

Shut-down system when CPU fan stops

Hey I would like to configure my system in such manner that a shut down is initiated when the CPU fan speed goes to 0.Background: Actually I use water pump that generates a fan speed signal on the mainboards CPU fan header (as long as there are no al...

kaese by Level 10
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RVE10, 6950X and SLI

I have the following board and CPU. I have two 1080 gtx classified and last week they were both in the 1st and 3rd PCI slot and were both running at x16 3.0. A couple days ago I put them under water and used the dual slot EK terminal thing so natural...

TrevorR by Level 8
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Will a waterblock touching my ram cause any issues.

I have EK's vrm waterblock k on, and all of the ram slots occupied. I noticed that the rams closest to the the cpu socket touch the waterblock. Could the metal of the block touching the metal of the ram heatsink cause any issues?

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