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RAMPAGE V Extreme - Which is the correct order for RAM installation?

Hey guysTomorrow i will build my new gaming rig and i need your help on how to install the memory sticks in the right order.I bought 2 separate Corsair Dominator Platinum 16 GB (2x8) kits which totals up to 4 sticks of ram (32Gb) for my Asus Rampage ...

Rampage V edition 10 parts question

Hi,This is a silly question I'm sure but I just got done testing my R5E10 outside the case, and the last thing I wanted to do was test my m2 flash drive when I noticed you need a hex offset thing with a screw top.So I opened the included box that has...

Post stability?

Just curious what tips anyone may have for increasing post stability. x99 sabertooth 5820kI'm restarting my clocking on this machine from the beginning, vcore 1.10 everything auto no turbo no speedstep. I am only changing one setting at a time, righ...

OC Panel issue QCode 99

Hello Everyone,First of all I'd like to thank the great work of the community which helped me a lot with some issues regarding some Qcode.I had an issue that shows an Qcode 98 after each rebooting from the Windows (Win10). after checking many threads...

SamJazz by Level 7
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How Can I Overclock And Improve the parts of my pc build?

So I was just wondering, how can i best overclock my computer so that way I can improve my pc build?Here are the parts that i have so that way you can tell me the best way to improve the parts and overclockCase:Cooler Master MasterCasePro 5Power Supp...

Could use some help: Computer wont boot all of a sudden

My computer was working perfectly for months. Today I turn on my computer and the QLED is stuck at b0 and the 4th LED next to the PCIe switches at the top right is blinking. System will not make it to bios so there is very little feedback.My...

[AUDIO] Extremely Quiet Microphone with Onboard Sound

Hi,I have a Rampage V Extreme that works flawlessly from all aspects, apart from the (as usual) terrible Realtek onboard sound. The drivers are clunky as usual, but the audio coming out is reasonable.The issue I am having is with the mic volume on my...

Randolf by Level 7
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X99-AII after watercooling failure

First PC build, X99A2+ Intel 6900K + Nvidia TitanX pascal and EKWB Predator 360 coolingAfter 3 months radiator hose detached from radiator.Fairly certain no coolant came into contact with mobo however my system did shut down by itself and I was unabl...

blu screen and other problems

Hello I have ramapge v , 16 g ram, ssd 970 strixIv got bluescreen and i dont know why?Sometimes i cant shut of my computer so i have to force quit it Sometimes win 10 dont find my secund ssdRegards Smer

Anyone with Haswell E and LED vengeance DDR4 3000+ memory

Anyone else have/had issues with a Haswell processor and the new led vengeance DDR4 ram. I'm getting random BSODs. Are there specific settings people are using to get these to work properly?I have 4x8gig sticks at 3000mhz*

adamr by Level 7
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