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BSOD on R5E and Fury X

koay, so this is be racking my brain for the last 2 days and honestly have no clue what's going on. There is a bit of story here so hopefully anyone with the patence to help can figuire this out.My computer specsRampage V Extreme 5960xCorsair vengenc...

Rampage V Edition 10 aura led motherboard light's lifespan

I noticed when i turn off my computer my led lights continue to change color and are completely unaffected by the fact the computer is off. I know you can turn them off via the bios on the motherboard however i want them on when the computer is on an...

How to get support on Motherboard BIOS bug from Asus?

I've had 10+ calls with Asus over the phone and have had no luck getting any fixes from them. They waste my time going over things we've already done (which are all noted in the case I'm sure), which makes the calls take over an hour each time. I esc...

Weird thing with X99--A MOBO

Hello everyone, I am a fan of video games but sadly I have very (very) limited understanding of the technology of related hardware, so please be patient if the questions are absurd or easily solved.i have a PC with an X99-A *Mobo that about two weeks...

X99 Strix - USB and LAN stopped working

My Motherboard is only 6 weeks old and today when I went to use it my USB devices amd LAN Ethernet were not working at all. My USB devices were totally unresponsive in Windows but would work for the very first boot into the Bios. After rebooting the...

Rampage V Extreme Temperature Sensor Error

When I boot my pc I get a "MB temperature error". In the bios the motherboard is ice cold as 35C. Everything else is around 30-40C. Except T-Sensor 2 and T-Sensor 3. which record 127C and 82-110C respectively. However I don't actually have any T-Sens...

OC unstable when nvme M2 SSD is utilized.

During OC testing, I boot off a mechanical test drive with a fresh install of Windows 10, and after exhaustive testing and finding perfectly stable settings, I replaced it with my main drive nvme 950 pro. Decided to run a few tests just in case, and ...

USB BIOS Flashback: Rampage V Edition 10

Hey The manual for my Rampage V Edition 10 motherboards says:5. Press the USB BIOS Flashback button for 3 seconds until the BIOS LEDI or BIOS LED2 flashes. A flashing light indicates that the BIOS Flashback function is enabled. The light goes out wh...

Daggi by Level 7
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ASUS /support for Rampage V extreme

I went to ASUS's website and under support I cant find the renamer tool so download so I can update my BIOS to latest version, can someone point me in the right place please

mwe3302 by Level 9
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