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Project OOOFAAAAAAAA Nuts is done

So here is the latest video of my Project OOOOFAAAAAAA NUTSRampage V Edition 10OCOOOL 4 rads OOOFAAAAAAAA like the title says

Republic Of Gamers Logo Not Lit

The Republic OF Gamers LED Logo will not light up on the so called "Northridge"on this board even though it has a secure power connection to the board. Any thoughts on how to get this to light up or do I have a faulty led/RGB part ??

Benchmark Realbench 2.54

HelloWith the latest version of Realbench, some things have changed for scores or it's related to the bios, that difference (same setting in bios) ?For "encoding" and "multitasking" for example but time are similarRB 2.44 bios 1003RB 2.54 bios 1503Th...

tistou77 by Level 13
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New build system 2017

Hello All,I am planning to build another system with following parts:1. 1X Asus Rampage V e102. 1X Intel 6950x3. 2X Asus ROG Strix GeForce® GTX 1080 Ti OC4. 1X Asus ROG SLI HB Bridge5. 2X Corsair Dominator Platinum 64GB CMD64GX4M4B3466C166. 1X Corsai...

t30 by Level 7
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keep getting DEBUG code ( dE )

Hello can anyone help i keep getting a DEBUG error with dE showing on computer start up. can anyone tell me what it is or what its off and how to fix it please. looked in my book for the mobo but just cant see it in there.

Upgraded Ram to 32GB Gskill DDR4 3000Mhz and now OC is unstable...

So I have been stable on this OC for 3 years (like AIDA64 FPU, cache and Realbench 8 hour stable. Oh and +1800 on HCI memtest):- CPU: 4200Mhz (42x100) @ 1.265V- Uncore: 4000Mhz @ 1.255V- 16GB 2666Mhz 15-15-15-35-T1 @ 1.275V on 100Mhz STRAP.- Agent is...

update aura for us already!

gskill is claiming their rgb ram is aura compatible with x99 now, yet the aura software is absolutely not working in controlling the ram. can the x99 platform pls get an update to not only support the ram but get out of the most recent beta?! all you...

jsarver by Level 11
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Strange repeatable USB issue on RVE10

Any of you guys having USB problems? I have done 1502 and 1503 and both require me to turn full USB initialization on to bypass q code b4 on boot. The strange thing is that I only get b4 when I restart from within windows and attempt to access the bi...

jsarver by Level 11
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