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W10 reboots after complete shutdown

I thought I had accidentally hit restart yesterday when the computer shut down completely and then rebooted itself. I was simply shutting it down. It happened again today. Made sure I hit shutdown. It did shutdown completely but then restarted by its...

Hopper64 by Level 14
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CPU FAN speed error detected !

Hello Guys.I have just bought my Rampage V Edition 10, and I'm paring it with my old school cooler (Antec Kuhler h2o 920) it's works fine and dealing with CPU's temperature as well but I'm facing the same kinda of problem when I starting up my RIG wh...

Thunderbolt on Rampage V Extreme - Requirements How To? Help

Ok I have a 5 pin Thunderbolt header on my MB.What hardware do I need to setup and use this header? Manual says this is for a add-on Thunderbolt I/O card.Where do I go to buy this equipment?Do I need any additional drivers or software.

USBs going funny when cpu on %100 load?

Hello just want to ask if anyone knows why my USB ports sometimes like to go off on there own now and then. more time its when my cpu is at 100% load. but sometimes they dont go off but will play up a little. most of the time it feels like my mouse i...

Where can I buy it?

Hello.I have a question.Is it possible to buy a Chipset radiator somewhere?I rubbed my and scratched and I want a new one.Sorry for my English

R5E10 I/O shield LED dimming/turning off

Hello all,I bought a Rampage V Edition 10 around February and from the beginning it seems to have some sort of issue with the I/O shield LED. Some times the LED is dim and some times the LED is off. If I touch it, when plugging in a USB or something,...

s_mpL3 by Level 7
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Improvements to my set up?

So eh... I am very new to building computers and the pc hardware in general (my EE degree has just started though ). I have a few questions.This is my set up right now,I went all out. I thought that the most value build would be buying somewhat to...

Maglev by Level 9
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Rampage V Edition 10 - Two GPUs + M.2 + U.2 => 40 lanes?

So I want to use this motherboard with 2 GPUs and a U.2 drive. Someone on this forum said they are doing that and seeing x16 on the GPUs. Someone else said using the U.2 turns on the M.2 as well. This should only account for 40 lanes but I asked A...

Crash55 by Level 7
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R5E10 - Windows 10 Creators Update

How do you guys control the drivers Fresh install of Windows 10 Creators Update PRO x64 1.) let Windows Update all drivers that it can?2.) download drivers from ASUS half of them won't install LAN, SATA, ETC ?3.) try to find all the latest drivers...

EaglePC by Level 10
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Rma time?

What ever i try i can't get my memory to run at its XMP speed, it chucks boot error codes or it bluescreen with memory management, if any one has any ideas feel free to post some details below. Will enter windows with memory speeds lower than 3000Mhz...

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