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X99 A2-is there an accurate online manual?

Really need an accurate manual for the X99A2 MOB. I'm trying to1- confirm which pins need to be jumped to clear RTC ram2- confirm exactly where the CPU fan connection isA google search brought me herehttps://www.manualslib.com/manual/787870/Asus-X99-...

Overclocking failed: Press F1 to enter SETUP?

Some times I get the following error Overclocking failed: Press F1 to enter SETUP. I usually turn it off and on when confronted with this screen and all returns to normal.My question is if that error screens causes the bios to turn the overclock off ...

Secrios by Level 7
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ASUS Rampage V Edition 10 USB issues/bad Motherboard?

Hey All,I recently purchased this new Motherboard, and everything is running fine except for one issue: after using the PC for awhile, all USB ports cut out. I could be using my PC for hours then all of a sudden in the middle of a game, all USB ports...

Computer Randomly Shutting Down

I built my PC about 6 months ago, and since the start its been randomly shutting down, kind of like the powers been cut. I have water cooled CPU and GPU, my specs are bellow, and I would like to note I have not overclocked anything.I thought it might...

Main gpu for sli

Hi guy's im looking into buying the rampage v edition 10 and i was wondering if i use sli with a 40lane cpu in slot 1 and 4 what is gpu1 and *which is 2?On my current msi godlike carbon the bottom one is gpu1 weird enough.It makes sence temperature w...

Sound Card

Sorry is asked before,I have my Graphics cards in SLI set x16 would these remain at x16 if I add a dedicated sound card? or would they change to x8?Dedicated Realtek lack the punch and tweaks from the creative sound blaster alternative.Thanks on any ...

RVE10 and the amount of fans I can use.

Building a new build right now with the RVE10 and I'm planning of having 8 (Corsair ML120) fans. The case will have 3 rads with 5 fans bringing in air and 3 taking out hot air. Will the RVE10 MB handle those 8 fans and water pump? Or will I be for...

DLMyth by Level 7
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RVE10 and monoblock warranty question.

I've got a Rampage V Edition 10 with the EK RGB Monoblock installed. As I installed the monoblock myself, have I invalidated my warranty on the mobo?

Asus Strix X99 - SSD on PCI Express or M.2?

Hi guys,I have the Asus Strix X99 Mobo.I bought an SSD 120Gb HyperX PCI Express or M.2 card. Which of channels (PCI or M.2), I choose to get faster speed and performance for my PC?Thanks so much for cooperation and patience.Sincerely,Lucas A. Rezende...

xoreba by Level 9
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XMP 2666 doesn't change strap to 125?

Hi there! I'm trying to OC my 5820k with DDR4 2666 RAM: (https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820231798)I noticed that it leaves the strap at 100 Hz instead of the 125 Hz that I would have expected reading things on this forum. It's...

subn3t by Level 7
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