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Mobo? CPU? or PSU?

Hi - Writing from my Macbook. I can't seem to get my desktop PC to be stable running. It started a few days ago (and a few times in the past with a lot more time inbetween) and one of the following scenarios occur, in no particular order. 1. Most of ...

RVE Troubleshooting, Failing CPU?

I woke my pc up from a sleep more state this morning and I saw the login screen and the system crashed. It attempted to reboot and has been giving me the attached BSOD when booting windows ever since. I have never seen a garbled BSOD before and it l...

Rampage V Extreme BIOS 4101

New Bios available for Rampage V ExtremeJuly 17, 2019Version 41012019/07/178.3 MBytesRAMPAGE-V-EXTREME Beta BIOS 4101Updated uCode for Intel security issue.https://www.asus.com/us/Motherboards/RAMPAGE_V_EXTREME/HelpDesk_Download/

pharma by Level 9
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Windows 10 Hyper-V with Rampage V Edition 10

Has anyone tried Windows 10 Hyper-V with the Rampage V Edition 10?Have you had any problems?I have enabled VT-d in BIOS but I can't install Hyper-V and I get this message:"Hyper-V cannot be installed: Virtualisation support is disabled in the firmwar...

TPM 2.0 for Strix X99

Hello all,My configuration requires that I have BitLocker enabled on all drives. I run Windows 10 Pro (v10.0.14393). I have purchased a TPM module (TPM-M R2.0) through Amazon. I received the module, plugged it into my board, opened up the TPM adminis...

jurfrey by Level 7
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Board is occasionally taking me to bios update screen at boot.

Sometimes, the system boots me into the bios update screen. I think it usually happens after power cycling. I boot into the screen and just reboot, as I don't have a bios set to load. Does anyone know why I might be seeing that screen? Could it indic...

Rampage V edition 10 no post but R5E does!? 3200cl14 quad channel

Hey all,So I have a R 5 Edition 10 and a 1680v3. I am trying to get my quad channel kit of gskill 3200 cl14 to post at xmp. With bios at optimised defaults and nothing but xmp changed I am getting q code bd loops until q code cc appears. 2666 posts h...

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