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RVE10 with SLI + M.2 + PCI-e USB 3.0 card?

I know this board has some funky PCI-e lane layout, can anyone tell me if I can run an M.2 SSD + SLI GTX 1080Ti + a PCI-e x4 3.0 USB add-in card? I need that add-in card for my Oculus Rift setup, there are not enough USB resources on this motherboard...

Unable to Shutdown or Reboot

Ugh, so I've been dealing with this issue of not being able to restart or shutdown now for at least a few days. It may have been around longer, but I'm not sure. Anyhow, here's what I'm seeing:Normally I just leave my machine on 24/7. Recently, and I...

SOLVED :- Need Help :- Is it a USB BIOS / driver issue?

Hi Guys,I'm unable to provide all info right now as I'm on a different PC.ButBIOS: Flashed to Latest BIOSHDD: Samsung 960 EVO NVMe M.2 1TB SSD - Just purchased and installed fresh Operating System.Had to install from DVD ROM.Problem:Every USB storage...

Sound card headphone output "pop" & constant dc voltage

Hi,I have problem with rampage 5 , aftr doing hibernate i hear a whistle and or "pop" & constant dc voltage on headphone output.It happens on every hibernate. But this time i forgot to unplug before turning off.Already my PA first input stage amplifi...

qwertz by Level 9
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RVE10 Instability? Random Shut Downs?

I've been having an issue where my PC will completely shut down. What happens is I could be in a game and it will just completely shut off. Requires me to cycle the PSU switch/clear cmos over and over or just leave it unplugged for a while and I can ...

xthane by Level 7
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Strix x99 gaming stopped posting!

Hi everyone! I built a new CPU back in December. Everything was running fine until about 2 months ago it just died on me. I went to bed one night, woke up the next morning to my CPU off and wouldn't start back up. I just got a replaced mother board (...

Rieds by Level 7
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Problem with the LAN port

Hi. The intel gigabit lan port doesnt show the option "1000mbps" in the bios and if I enable said feature using Device Administrators the port stops working.Anyone else experiencing this issue?

aquaero controllers

hallo, is anyone using aquaero fan controller with this mainboard ? I have an old aquaero 4, and the usb connection is not working ... usb 1.1 hub hid standard .... but is not recognised and the software cannot communicate with the device ...I think ...

wollax by Level 7
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