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Rampage V Extream Network & error code 70

HelloMy Rampage V Exteam has two problems:After a soft reboot (no power of cycle) the mothorbord hung in status code 70.In Linux (Fedora 23 / 26) and also in Win 10 the networkadapter is not working after reboot.For code 70 problem I can make a powe...

Raid 10 array partially gone on Rampage V Edition 10

I had a Raid 10 consisting of 4x Samsung 950 pro 1TB as a secondary Volume Now I needed to swap some parts along with reorganizing the SSD location on my Computer and disconnected the power.Apparently the battery on the mainboard seemed to be dead an...

Strix X99: QCode 00 with CPU_LED solid and no Post

Hey everyone,The other day I was playing one of my games and right in the middle of my game my computer shut off completely. On attempting to reboot, the computer lights up normally and the fans spin but with no sign of POST or anything displayed on ...

Rampage V Extreme + G.skill Trident Z RGB Ram ... Who has this combo ?

Anyone with a rve and g.skill rgb ram. Any issues with the memory? Seen g.skill release a new software to control the dimms for x99. I've just ordered this ram and want to make sure I won't have issues. If I there are issues I will then cancel my ord...

adamr by Level 7
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Problem with First GPU - only PCIX 3.0 @ 8x

Hallo all,I have just finished my new build this night.Now i have the problem, that my first GPU is only running PCIX 3.0 @ 8x.The funny thing is, that my second GPU (its the 480 GTX) is running at full 16x (its a PCIX 2.0 Card).Im using a M2, but i ...

bernisv by Level 7
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AMDA00 Fix for x99 boards - Unknown Device ACPI\PNP0A0A

So I ran into an issue I've seen posted about across the internet where the AMDA00 device (the temperature sensor) would not properly install but instead show up in the device manager as Unknown Device (hardware id ACPI\PNP0A0A). I battled with my sy...

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maddick by Level 7
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ASUS STRIX B250G and Microphone problem

Hello everyone, it's my first post on these forums. I need your help about my mic. First of all, i already searched for this issue on Google, even here but i couldn't find a solution. I already wrote the specifications on my profile page but ...

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Advice on a DDR4 kit?

For (two) X99 R5E mobo listed in my system specs.I'm looking for a *4x16GB* *single-sided* quad-channel DDR4 kit. Anything from DDR4-2400 to DDR4-3300, although faster is preferred lol.Looks don't matter, height doesn't matter. I can replace the he...

Korth by Level 14
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Rampage V Extreme wont start anymore

PC was running without any problems.All lights turning on. Tested the power supply all ok.Cables changed.But the system wont start anymore. Nothing happens.Any suggestions?Thanks

mik666 by Level 7
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