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asus ramapage v 10 edition using realtek onboard audio

why no dolby or dts on my asus ramapage v 10 edition using realtek onboard audio was working on Windows 10 Build 14393 stopped working since Build 15063 onwards ?

EaglePC by Level 10
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USB crash, 3301 / Win10

HiI installed few days ago 3301 bios, on my rampage v extreme /u3.1, then i formated the disk and installed Windows 10 64 bit. Now im getting some issue with all USB ports, it seams like the USB ports would restart.. Just turn all my USB devices off(...

Rooob3 by Level 7
  • 19 replies
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not enough usb controller resources

This is driving me madI can't have all my devices plugged in without getting this error message, then devices stop working"not enough usb controller resources"on windows 8.1 x64 all latest updates and drivers from Microsoft and ASUS website and Intel...

lysaer by Level 7
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Boot Problems on Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit

Hello Everyone,I am having trouble with my new build hanging after a warm boot on Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit. It was already a pain to get the OS installed to begin with. But now that I had finally got it installed and it kept crashing at warm boot, I ...

Is it time for a RMA? Whats the life of these things...

Watching Netflix. Well what sounded like a magnetic door lock engage.... Bam lights out. Cpu has never seen past 4.4 1.32v RMA in progress for 1200i. Psu tester confirmed dead. 1088s...also dead. Evga made good on the original bad design and swapped...

Qoto159 by Level 7
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Rampage V extreme which non-intel USB?

Hi there,I was wondering if anyone knows if any of the USB ports in the I/O port (on the back) are non-Intel?Asking because a wheel I bought seems to have problems with Intel (documented)... strangeMany thanks!

Tobarus by Level 7
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R5E UEFI BIOS question

Hello,my friends.I have one question about bios.I have 8 HDDs in my case.And here is the issue.When I try to pick up which hdd to use first,second and so on in bios(boot priority),the pop-up screen with hdd list goes up above the screen,so I can't se...

MikeAdu by Level 9
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Swappable Op Amps With ASUS SUPRME FX Hi-Fi DAC

Hi guys i just Rolled some opamps with the Dac and it sounds epic ill update further1.Supreme Sound Opamp V5i Burson Audio https://www.bursonaudio.com/asus-supreme-fx-hi-fi-dac-with-burson-v5i-opamp/THe Sound Stage is much higher and bass is tight mi...

double power cycle on cold start after update 1902=>3701

Hi,after being a quiet reader for some years I now have a problem (or maybe it is no) which I cannot find in the other topics. After updating my RVE from 1902 (which worked fine, but I thought it had issues with a new Samsung NVME drive) to 3701, the...

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