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Rampage V Extreme /USB3.1 - USB ports?

hi all, just curious if anyone knows of USB ports acting up on this mainboard or being sensitive in any way?- problem i have/ or things i notice, i need to unplug all peripheral devices (except mouse + keyboard) from the computer, otherwise it won't ...

How turn light off - Asus X99 Strix

Hey guys,When I turn off my pc, the leds, like Led of PCI Express, the Asus Strix X99 Motherboard keeps the lights ON. But the lights target exactly on my face when I sleep! lolHow can I really turn leds off when I come to sleep?I think maybe on moth...

xoreba by Level 9
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Windows 7 start up issue.

Hello friends!I have a strange issue,maybe someone could help me with it?Previously I had ASUS Striker Extreme and I had three Window versions on separate HDDs:Windows XPWindows 7Windows 8.1After setting new PC on ASUS Rampage 5 Extreme and installin...

MikeAdu by Level 9
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Thunderbolt EX3 URGENT HELP!!!!!!

Hi to all members of the forum, i need help with thunderboltex3 from someone who made this card to work, it worked for a couple of days when i bought it and then suddenly stoped.The card is currently in PCIx4 slot, latest bios,it is recognized in win...

RVE10 Randomg USB Disconnecting / conecting

This has been happening ever since, even on a fresh windows 10 install. Windows will randomly make a USB disconnecting/reconnecting sound. I have USBLOGVIEW running and it doesn't show anything. I've disabled the option in device manager for all USB ...

Rampage V Extreme - New Bios 3701 !!

Here it is :http://dlcdnet.asus.com/pub/ASUS/mb/LGA2011/Rampage_V_Extreme/RAMPAGE-V-EXTREME-ASUS-3701.zip

Some back USB3 Ports not working

I have a problem my 2nd row of back usb3 ports they are not working at all devices connected to them are totally dead in and out of windowsaccording to the manual these are ports USB3_E56_E78the 4 above them and the 2 below are working fine not sure ...

Sem by Level 7
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on-board sound issue

my rampage v10 have sound issuewhen change volume (up & down) listen noise and buzzing sound from speaker...i try 3 speaker with 3 different cable what am i doing and what is that?windows 10 and install realtech asus driver

Asus rampage v edition 10 a2

Hey guys so went on my pc this morning and I've just got a black screen and code a2 it was working fine last night*

USB2.0 solutions for RVE?

hi all, i have old hardware/ peripherals which need USB2.0, and don't want to use HUBS and create chain of hardware. what are my options as an RVE owner, to get USB2.0 connections on the board / or from the board directly? (i have 8x USB3.0 ports, an...

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