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Samsung 960 pro 960 NVME x Rampage v 10 edition

Hello everyone! I ask for help on how to install the ssd m.2 samsung 960 pro NVME on motherboard rampage v 10 edition. already tried using raid and, I can not use all potential. I used the slot m.2, and adptativa board in the PCIE without success to ...

Rampage V Extreme/U3.1 Network Issue

Hello..I'm having issues with the network.. I can't find my WLAN home connection, but trough LAN it's working fine. Could only find android/iphone devices only so far trough WLAN connection.There is issues with upnp too in apps like Kodi.. Can find t...

BOSD rampage and restart dead loop

Hey guys, one of the day i sat in front of my gaming PC, a win10 BOSD poped up, I got scared:(.after a week of helplessly restart dead loop, i need your guys for help. Spec: Windows 10 Pro Latest MB: R5E10 BIOS Version 1003 and 1701CPU: i7-6950X liq...

o8n8o by Level 7
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Rampage V Extreme/U3.1 NO BOOT, DRAM_LED light is Red

Hello..I just bought a Rampage V Extreme motherboard, So I'm very new to this motherboard..The setup is Intel i7-6800K with Corsair Vengeance LPX 2666MHz 2x 8GB, (CMK16GX4MA2666C16).I also tried the Corsair Vengenace RGB 3000MHz 2x 8GB before the 266...

Rampage v 10 ed. Bios flashback and GPU trouble

HelloI'm having trouble with my R5E10 board. USB bios flashback wont work on my board. I have tried many different usb sticks and nothing happens when i press the flashback button. I have to use the EZ flash methode to flash a new bios. I'm also havi...

Daggi by Level 7
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Rampage V Edition 10 and CPU with 28 PCI-E lanes

If GPU use 16 PCI-E lanes from processor and motherboard have one PCI-E x1 slot, one PCI-E x4 slot and one M.2 slot and I don't see reason why customers can't use Sound Card x1, Intel 750 SSD/ Optane 900P x4 slot and Samsung 960 PRO in M.2 slot and G...

Vlada011 by Level 10
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Rampage 10 Latest Drivers

OK for all you ASUS Rampage V 10 Edition I took the time and running these myself to share to all who less like to worry on latest drivers (x64-Only)and save time using Nlite https://www.ntlite.com/ making a preinstall Windowsd 10 setup or you manual...

EaglePC by Level 10
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