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Moded BIOS 4101 / 2101 With old Microcode

Hi, Recently I am running with some issues with my Rampage V extremeI would love if some1 can do a updated modded 4101 or 2101 BIOS with the last Microcode available before meltdown / spectre patch, ( I think is Microcode 22, not sure )I've been read...

sceNNer by Level 7
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Not all PCI-e active

I have Rampage V Extreme and X99e-WS-3.1 motherboards.I have i7-5820K I7-5960K i7-6850K and Xeon E5-2697AV4 CPUsWith the I7-5280K all PCI-E slots work.With other three only the three slots closest to the CPU work.Am I missing a setting in BIOS or ...

lasab by Level 7
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Rampage V some PCI-E slots not working

Mother board is a Rampage V Extreme latest BIOSI have two CPUs a I7-5280K and a I7-5960xAll slots work with the 28 lane 5280k but the lower slots dont work with the 40 lane 5960xIs there a setting I need to make in BIOSNot using the m2 slot

lasab by Level 7
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For owners running Windows 11 on their X99 PCs.

Windows 11 Security Book ( 1st Oct 2021 )https://query.prod.cms.rt.microsoft.com/cms/api/am/binary/RWMyFEThe section on hardware security is very interesting. After reading it, I'm not sure why Microsoft has made Windows 11 so easy to install on ol...

How many Fans Can I have?

I may do a small upgrade. Right now, I have the Fractal Design Define XL R2. According to the manufacturer's website, it supports up to 7 fans. It came with 3 fans. I may want to try and maximize what I can.How does this work? I'm a bit of a new...

Asus Rampage V Extreme M.2 Drive Support Options "What to buy"

I really need to upgrade my storage and I know this board is finicky with M.2 drives. Anyone know which are the best choices? I was leaning towards Samsung / WD as I want to get 4TB minimum.Has anyone tried any of the 4th Generation drives? I know th...

Can I Install Windows 11 with a 5960x?

I feel like I've tried everything, from adding the registry key that MS mentioned (MoSetup) and the DWORD key to the LabConfig key. I've added both of those sets of keys to my Windows 10 installation and to the X: drive when attempting to install Wi...

Why does my computer randomly not POST?

I've had this random problem for years it seems like, but once in awhile, and well, it's been happening moreso lately than other times, my computer will not post. Other times, I'll hear two beeps upon start up. The first beep is what's exacted and...

Strange problem with my Asus rampage V: Help me!

Hi,my pc is composed by:-Asus rampage V;-Corsair ram dominator 16 gb (2x8)-Graphic card nvidia Asus 970 4gb-Processor i7 5730k-PSU Seasonic 750 W Titanium-Case NZXT 630 Phantom-Heatsink Corsair 110iThis is my problem:Since a few weeks my pc doesn't w...

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