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Asus Strix MB (RESOLVED): Hail Mary on USB Port Power Issue

I spent a number of additional hours trying to resolve this issue including:- reducing hibernation file size- loading ASMedia Driver v1.16.26.1- loading ASMedia Driver v1.16.41.3- Bluetooth removal- reloading all USB controllers and reloading- uninst...

Mr_Savy by Level 7
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rampage v extreme BIOS loop problem

hi guys,i just bought my computer parts yesterday i connected all the parts and when i start the machine it goes to bios and keeps looping and i can't access windows, i even updated my bios to the latest version.my comp specs:asus rampage v extremeco...

zscorp by Level 7
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Dual Intelligent Processor 5 version 1.05.14

Hello:i have windows 10 pro 64bit with Asus x99 Rampage V Extreme,as you know , Microsoft keep updating and altering windows, so DIP 5 Previous versions some functions stop working,so i updated DIP 5 as in this post title, but when setting DIGI+ Powe...

zakker by Level 7
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Sanity Check Sata express slots Rampage V

Afternoon all,General question for someone that knows about the 2 sataexpress slots located on the Rampage V boardNow from what I've read in the book, Rampage v has, 8 x sata 3 slots + 2 sata express slots which also double up as 4 more sata 3 slots ...

Rampage v extreme and RAM issues

Hi,this problem started about 8 months ago,i have 16 GB corsair vengance (4x 4GB) RAM installed on my Rampage V extreme MB all individual RAM units working fine initially it gave me 6b error code so i removed the RAM, cleaned it and put it back and...

Rampage 5 Extreme motherboard temperature

Hello everyone!So I found some time to write you about one interesting thing I noticed some time ago.I have one temperature reading which is way too high and I would like to ask another user who have the same motherboard do you have the same reading?...

MikeAdu by Level 9
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BIOS post freezes only after reboot through OS

Hello everyone, I am very desperate for some help. Similarly to the title, whenever I install Windows and a restart is needed, during BIOS post the system freezes. If I hard reset, BIOS will post normally and continue to the OS which is completely fu...

Fabulist by Level 7
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Windows issue with overclocking

Have been running my Rampage V Extreme for a while no without issues, well every since build 17063 and forward on my system (6850k) My overclock will not work, I've been overclocking since Pentium days and have not figured this out. No matter what p...

X99-E Cold Boot Issues

HelloI have searched and tried every suggestion I have come across regarding my Asus X99-E cold boot issues. I have the latest firmware and drivers on everyone of my devices and add on cards, including the motherboard. Yet the issue persists. I have ...

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