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Rampage V E10 spare parts

Hi guys just to ask I don't have the SB/MOSFET heat pipe cooling solution on my ASUS R5-E10 anymore and would like to ask can you use Air Cooler or AIO without it, is it safe to use, if not do you know where I can get spare parts for the SB/MOSFET he...

gatz30 by Level 7
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SLI HB bridge

Hi friends!Today I was trying to install ASUS HB SLI bridge(4 slot).I put it and started my PC.In windows and other programs everything is working,in nVidia control panel SLI is ON.But after starting some game in full window I have picture flickering...

MikeAdu by Level 9
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Rampage 10 NVMe quit ?

windows long time running samsung 950 pro 512gb other day i notice windows lock up and blue screens i really imagine the NVMe drive faulty no i order another and now my bios won't see it at all strange where is the NVMe controller on the CPU or MB i ...

EaglePC by Level 10
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Safe Mode? Rampage V E10

Guys how to enter in safe mode not from Windows.I have problems with some Microsoft Updates. Idiots from Microsoft constant launch some updates and sometimes they not install properly and preven to load to Windows. Now I have such problems and I boot...

Vlada011 by Level 10
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Supremefx hi-fi as external usb dac

Can i use supremefx hi-fi as external usb dac with usb 2 port?my case don't have any space for 5.2 inch bayAny body have suggestion?

Rampage V - issue with memory

hello,I have MB - Rampage V , and I have lot of issues with this MB.Lot of bd code or bF, i'm frustrated because I spent lot of money. I have to swap memory in slot , restart PC by Hard Reset etc.I have 8x8GB Ram - Fury HYPER DDR4 (HX426C15FB/8) - s...

RVE10 - PCI-E Light switch dosen't work

Hi,I'm having a weird issue with my Rampage V Edition 10.I have a GTX 1080 ti occupied in the first PCI-E Slot and the light on the pci-e switch dosen't turn on to indicate that this slot is populated by a device (Slot 1).I can POST and boot into the...

Honami by Level 7
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Ouch just saw huge temperature spike in Aida64.

Hope this is a bug in Aida64 causing a false reading. 127 degrees c is a little disconcerting. I have my power phases set to extreme, and T. Probes disabled. Wouldn't I physically notice or hear something if vrm went up like that? Are the VRMs even r...

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