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Asus Strix X99 - What happens to my USB?

Hi guys... i have a Strix X99 motherboard. Some month ago i activated ERB to S4+S5, and my usb devices get off when i turn off the PC (so my PSU is compatible). I recently moved the PC in other house and when i connected all USB devices (same place a...

MB error 6F

so guys i was encoding and got a bluescreen.Hit the retry button, lower the cpu multiplyer a bit and now i only get a 6F error in the MB and i cant even enter in the bios no metter what i try.Need help!

raphaex by Level 7
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NDI VS Sonic Studio/Sonic Radar II

well the ASUS Sonic Studio and Sonic Radar II will make your NDI Tools 3.5 NOT work. The Scan Converter will Crash Also, dont have your Audio set above 16 bit 48000 Hz it will crash also. So either remove it/turn it Off. Until ASUS ever Updates The...

Installing Wi-Fi Antenna on RVE10 (Ultimate Retarded Design)

Back side of computer is not so close to me but I would like to know who vote and who had idea to produce wi-fi antenna conectors on this way.Human kind in every situation complicate without need. it' was hard to build different kind of jack and peop...

Vlada011 by Level 10
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Problems with "Sleep Mode"

Hi .. So I've built my new rig based on Rampage V Extreme using 5930K Processor and Corsair H110 Cooler. Memory used is the Corsair Vengeance LPX 2800. I did overclock successfully to 4.5 Ghz (125 x 36 with 2800 XMP - Auto Voltage). Things are runnin...

adnank77 by Level 7
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No EZ update

I keep getting a notification in the tray telling me I have an ez update but when I go click connect Its telling there isn't an update. Any Ideas?

Rampage V Extreme (non Edition 10) Meltdown/Spectre Bios update

As per the title, I see from here https://www.asus.com/News/V5urzYAT6myCC1o2 Asus has provided only X99 bios (microcode) updates for the Strix and the Extreme V Edition 10. I do not fancy rebuilding my entire system around an Edition 10 purely to som...

Randolf by Level 7
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How to Make The OC Panel Work On The Rampage V Edition 10

The OC Panel is one of the niftiest device that has ever been invented to complement a motherboard. Overclockers love it because it lets them do on-the-fly overclocking without having to go inside the BIOS every single time. Hardcore enthusiasts love...

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Chino by Level 15
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