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Rx/tx uart

Is there a UART header on the rampage board somewhere? I need to interface with some development boards and displays and this would be great. Otherwise, I will just buy a USB adapter. Thanks.

memetic by Level 7
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Memory channel bad??

Weird situation. I have had this R5E10 for over 2 years running a single 64G Corsair Dominator kit at 2400 without any issues. This morning, W10 64 and the main bios menu only recognize 48G of memory. I cleared the CMOS and rebooted at stock speeds. ...

Hopper64 by Level 15
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Fixed: Rampage V Extreme Boot Issue + memory questions

Hi,Getting a lot of AE error codes on QLED.Don't know how to fix this.But my main questions is I'm running a 32Gb Corsair RAM Kit but when I boot into BIOS down the right side of the screen under the Memory part it says capacity 24576Mb.Am I missing ...

G.SKILL DDR4 3200 32 GB Kits

Hi guys,I'm after suggestions on what new 32Gb RAM kit to buy. I'm after a fast DDR4 3000 or 3200.

VCCIO CPU 1.05V Voltage values - how high can I go?

Hi, I'm running with a System Agent voltage of 1.3, in order to support my 3000MHz memory. I can read from ASUS' guide, that they recommend setting the 'VCCIO CPU 1.05V Voltage' setting at -0.05V lower than the System Agent. Meaning in this case, 1.2...

New Asus rampage v extreme bios 3402

I replaced my Motherboard with new Asus rampage v extreme because my old take off. Bios is 3402 and my question is I can do update bios file with latest or not?

8 Sticks of Ram Not Running at 3000MHz

I've recently added another kit of memory, filling all 8 slots on this mobo, the Rampage V Extreme. This puts the system total to 32GB, and I cannot get the computer to post with 8 sticks in running at 3000 MHz XMP. ( 8 x 4 )4 x 4 at 3000Mhz works ...

Flyprdu by Level 7
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SupremeFX panel not showing microphone

Have just completed a fresh install of windows 10 and having an issue where my headset microphone is not showing on the SupremeFX panel so I cannot access the settings for it. It's a HyperX cloud II headset. It used to show like this:https://imgur.co...

xello by Level 7
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R5E BIOS on R5E/U3.1

Hello,I was wondering if it's ok to use a R5E bios on a R5E/U3.1 board. They are the same as far as I know, but the bios page for the R5E/U3.1 is always behind on bios version compared to the bios page of R5E.For example: Latest R5E/U3.1 bios is 3701...

BIOS is updating

I switched on my computer this morning and I have this message greeting me and it's still ongoing; BIOS is updating. Do not shut down or reset the system to prevent system bootup failure. The Q-Code is 90So far it's over an hour and still waiting. ...

coyi1895 by Level 10
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