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AI Suite issues

For quite some time now on startup I get an error window AsusSetup: 071214Log.iniis lost. Then Dipawaymode window: The service did not respond to the start or control request in a timely fashion, ProgID: "atkexCom.axdata"Then another Aisuite3 windo...

red454 by Level 11
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R5E BIOS Update Loop

Hi All,I was changing my to the second one via the onboard button, my system must have been unstable at the time as it decided to give me the updating BIOS screen and then just cut off and kept looping from there on.I then tired to go back to BIOS on...

Jbonnett by Level 8
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Mixing memory per side of CPU

Can you mix memory speeds/types on each of the two sets of 4 sticks? For example, one side has 4 x 8 Ripjaws DDR4 2666 15-15-15-2T that I got right after this motherboard first came out. I want to add another 32 GB on the 4 slots on the other side, ...

Does the X99-A Support 128 GB RAM?

I been reading that there was a beta bios back in 2015, and asus said they were going to roll it out across all x99 boardssooo, did that ever happen?

X99 are freezing help!

Hello, i just format my PC, all drivers, gc are up to date. Sometimes the PC are freezing in 1-5 seconds - then back to Normal for 1-5 seconds and then freezes til i turn of the computer. Anyone got any idea why this is happening, and how i can fix i...

Bios setting wont take

Hello I own a Stirx x99 gaming motherboard I experiencing a weird issue my bios overclocking settings wont take and when I boot into windows its like I have not touched a thing to do with core frequency any help would be appreciated

ROG x99 Strix Gaming List of issues

Hi!I've replaced my motherboard once already with a brand new one after it gave the dreaded Q Code 00 a few months after purchase and as it turns out, fried itself and the CPU at the same time..After I've replaced the Motherboard and CPU, I even boug...

Help finding my previous Realtek HD Audio Manager

Hello Everyone,I have an Asus Ramapage V Extreme, for some reason after updating to windows 10 I had issues with sound, including the DTS not working properly, the 192KHz, not working properly and so on. I updated new releases until I found something...

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