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32gb vs 64gb, OC issues I should be concerned with?

Hi!I'm building (replacing my RIVE/GTX 680) a gaming machine for surround 3D. 3 X Asus VG278H, 3 X EVGA 980 Hydro Copper, with 5930K.In a couple years, this will be changed over to a multipurpose pc, including video editing. Probably switch the cpu...

djb by Level 9
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R5E and samsung SM951

Hi All,First time Asus buyer, always been a gigabyte man.I am Building a new system, and will start receiving the parts this week, i have a few questions, and i know you guys maybe able to help.I am english, but currently live in china, which puts me...

wacko24 by Level 7
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Driver Explanation

Hi,I made a fresh installation and im about to install the drivers of my mainboard. I want to keep my Pc as "clean" as possible so I would like to know what some drivers are for and if its necessary to install them? What are they forIntel(R) Manageme...

Ocelot by Level 7
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Enable Turbo rampage v extreme

Hello everyone! my first access to the forum and congratulate all participants for their excellent contributions and clarifications.My question is how to activate the turbo in the setup. When active the processor goes to 4,67ghz automatically! my set...

campires by Level 7
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Bios option to select master gpu?

Is there a bios option to select which card in sli setup is the master? Some bios do let you do this but I could not find the option in this bios unless I missed it.

p_delray by Level 7
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Onboard USB 2.0 slots?

Hey there!On the picture in the manual i could just see 1 usb 2.0 onboard slot. My Corsair h110i GT and AX1200i will need both a onboard usb to work with corsair link so i was looking on the website and the website says that the mainboard has 6 usb 2...

Evo by Level 7
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NFC Express compatibility ?

Just wondering if either of the Asus NFC express options will work on the X99, The product page doesn't list it as working but I am assuming it is plug in and install the app?tia.

GoNz0- by Level 10
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I am a newbie to overclocking and I need help

I decided to buy a rampage v and i7 5960x With corsair ddr4 2666mhz I do not want to over clock my cpu I want to use it as normalCurrently I set xmp for bios but when I check the task manger I still see its at 3.24ghz what should do?As I am in a tota...

Retired by Not applicable
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Asus Refreshes Motherboard Line With USB 3.1

Seems there's now a version 1.02 of the R5E now? ASUS’ USB 3.1 motherboard line-up features new motherboards with two USB 3.1 ports installed on the PCB itself, and existing motherboards with a ASUS USB 3.1 PCIE add-in cards bundled in the package. B...

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