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Oc panel problem

Hi, when i try to use the oc button in the oc panel nothing appen.Monitoring is working correctly but any ratio/bclk adjustments are not working at allThe OC panel firmware is up to date.Any ideas,i need to do something ???thanx and sry for my englis...

Power on Power off

Usually it only happens when coming out of sleep but today it did it on a cold boot. I press the power button and the board powers on then powers off and keeps repeating. Only way to fix it is to flip the switch on the power supply and drain the po...

snaps11 by Level 7
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Rampage V Extreme delayed BIOS post

Hi, I recently built a gaiming pc using the Rampage V Extreme. Everything went well until I noticed that it takes a good 20-40 seconds for the BIOS to post. I have since tried everything from updating drivers and the bios itself, to unplugging sata c...

Question about Rampage, First time Building a PC

This will be first time I ever built a PC, I have a few questions.1. The OC command Center panel, what connections are used? Want make sure I have enough connections to connect everything to the board before buying it. 2. After I connect everything a...

Rampage V Will Not Boot When AMD GPU Installed

Hi Everyone!So, I recently put together a new rig for photo/video editing, programming (and sometimes gaming), and when I start it up, I get a single post beep, followed by Q Code 62, and no video output to the screen. I had a spare r9 270x, so I plu...

tbluml by Level 7
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ram overclock

I am trying to oc my 16gb of gskill 2666 ram to 3000. I got it to post at the default timings and 1.3v but it only shows 12gb in system on windows 8. Do I need to bring the voltage up to 1.35 or up the agent voltage a bit? I got 2750 oc on the ram...

drop4205 by Level 12
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PC doesn't shut down properly??

This is a weird one peeps.Sometimes my pc doesn't shut down properly. It will go through the motions, monitors go off and keyboard and mouse go dark but PC stays powered up?? The only way to shut it down is to hold down the power button. This in turn...

Goucho by Level 8
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THe Rampage V, Noctua NHD15 and SLI

So I just recently built my new rig but i found out when building it that the motherboards PCI slot 1 is at the very top and I am not sure if i can fit an SLI configuration wihtout damaging the cooler or the GPU so i turn here to see if anyone has an...

NETIO.SYS blue screen

NETIO.SYS blue screen while streaming netflix and playing guild wars 2

System Agent Offset

Hi,I've got a question regarding adaptive mode and system agent offset.I have my 5960x voltage set using adaptive now I know what is stable.My question is regarding the system agent. I've found that I need more than thedefault voltage for system agen...

BenTed by Level 7
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