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Asus Rampage V extreme with Corsair H110i GT

hello Rog friends!I bought my pc pre-build because I didn't have the time to build one.everything looks nice! but I noticed 1 problem. I can't control my chassi fans, and neighter the corsair H110i gt fans! they are running at max speed the whole tim...

samboy87 by Level 9
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Stuck on A2 code, no logo on screen

So I was on my computer and the computer looked like it glitched out then the screens when black. The computer at this time was still running. I waited some time and it didn't change so I turned the computer off and back on, it sat at a b2 code fo...

khoatic by Level 7
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Advice needed modding BIOS for newer Intel EFI roms

Hi All,Finally gave in and left the RIVE behind. Noticed that Fernando's UBU tool does not work with the V bios yet, and was looking at MMTool V5 to replace the modules. Does anyone have any good advice on getting this done?It was easy on v4 and the ...

Asus Rampage V x99 problems with q codes

Hello everyone, so i finally put together my parts and i actually have a couple of questions. When i turn on the pc i get the b2 (legacy option rom initialiazation) q code and i dont know why is that happening. After i wait the pc for about 5-6 minut...

Ted1991 by Level 7
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Do high end sound cards matter for speaker (not headset) gamers anymore?

I asked this on another forum and Im curious what you guys think.R5E+ high end (?) BUT 2.0 speakers (to me they are high end, hell they costed nearly 500 USD):http://audioengineusa.com/Store/Powe...wered-SpeakersI'm a gamer, and I never use headphone...

Asus Rampage V 3.1 can not install LAN driver

I have received my custom build PC today with Asus Rampage V 3.1 running on Windows 8 Pro x64.When I tried to install a driver for LAN that was included in the CD came with the mother board, the installation program told me the followingCannot instal...

ugrank by Level 7
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SLI issues

Hi all,I've gotten a pair of GTX 970 and was trying to configure them in SLI but I am having quite an issue - running 3DMark / Heaven 4.0 will cause the machine to crash - auto reboot without any BSoD. None of the cards are overclocked.I'm currently ...

Fan Compatibility Question

First is the first time building a PC, just a quick question. To use the OC panel or Asus Fan Xpert is the following fine or do I need different types of fans?- Two Corsair AF140 Blue LED Silent Edition for intake.- One Noctua for exhaust the Noctua ...

What RAM shall I choose for my setup?

So I am building a new rig with a 5930K CPU / ASUS Rampage V Extreme Motherboard.I am not going to purchase it from Origin PC but I did call their tech support to ask them why they offered 2800MHz Corsair RAM / 16GB only but if I wanted 32GB the max ...

CPU Overheats in a matter of seconds

Hi allHope someone can give me a pointer here. I have an ASUS rampage V with Intel I7 hex core. On power up, there was a pop and smell of electrical burning. From a completely cold start, cold as in temperature, I can get into Windows and can see ...

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