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Samsung SM951 512MB AHCI M.2 vs PCIE Adapter Card

I just removed my Samsung SM951 from the M.2 slot on my RVE and placed it on a Addonics pcie 3.0x4 adapter card for a quick comparison, I only ran one benchamrk to see if there is any noticeable differenceMy Win 8.1 install is several months old know...

50248 50249
Menthol by Level 14
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RAMPAGE V EXTREME BIOS 1502Support 16GB DDR4 memory moduleshttp://support.asus.com/Download.aspx?SLanguage=en&m=RAMPAGE+V+EXTREME&p=1&s=42

csbin by Level 7
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Help!!! R5E keeps rebooting and shut down!

I'm using Asus R5E, 1500i and 2 Titan X SLI. The PC worked fine this morning but when I got back home this evening, I try to turn it on, but it keeps rebooting, sometimes I can get into the Windows but it automatically shut down in about 1 min. Most ...

Evga gtx 970 sc acx

Hi, guy in work is selling a pair of these. Thinking of geting them for my rog setup to replace my 2 cheap cards. <- SpecGoing to keep the Quadro 450 to run my 4x24" monitors at 1920x1080. Planning on using the two 970's in a SLI pair to run one larg...

the_msp by Level 9
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How to load the Windows 7 on the SSD drive installed from W7 disk?

Hello,I just finished the build and am trying to get the OS to load from the DVD drive and I save and exit the BIOS Utility and it just takes me right back to the same Bios Utility. How do I get the DVD drive to start loading the OS on the SSD drive?

CPU Package & Core Temp + Max Working Temp

Hello all,I got 2 questions.1. My 5960x is OC-ed at 4.4ghz with 1.198v on the cores. I run Lightroom processing daily for 3-6 hours which will push all the cores to 80-100% on 4.4ghz. It runs about 60c-66c (I live in the tropics) when processing file...

Hate To beat the dead horse but, I have a small power or error on bootup.

First i would like to say i am very happy with the motherboard thus far. I installed everything flawlessly and had zero issues until the U.S and a hate group decided they need to discriminate against African American individuals workbenches and elect...

Noctua PWM fans + Asus Fan Xpert Software Question

1. Going be building my first PC shortly. I have Noctua NF-A14 PWM fans for both intake and exhaust fans, Should I use the Low-Noise Adaptor if I plan to use Asus Fan Xpert software?2. Any tips when using Asus Xpert fan? Is their presets I can use if...

Optical out question

hello hello,I plan on getting another set of headphones and I would like to use a dac/Amp utalizing the optical out rear port on the MB.This is the amp,http://www.amazon.com/SMSL-SD793-II-PCM1793-DIR9001-amplifier/dp/B00A2QLPJMI dont have much experi...

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