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Which pcie slot for sound card - RVE ?

Hello - sorry for my bad english.I am waiting for new Samsung SSD m.2 sm951 and I have a problem now.I have Rampage V Extreme and 2x GTX980 in x16 speed slots and SB X-Fi Titanium in the black x8 slot. Now the problem - black slot x8 is connected to ...

kamyk155 by Level 10
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Most Optimal Daily Usage OC Settings for 5960X & 2800MHz DDR4

Greetings,First of all, this is my first message in here and forgive my English because it's not my first language :sarcastic: I've read many topics in this forum before but now I'm the one who needs some help I've just gathered the system below fo...

ejlover by Level 7
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Will we see a Rampage V board with native 3.1 ports???

MSI just released this beast: http://www.pccasegear.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=32531&zenid=b3abe37b8d236052ee9cbaf86f41f1cawill we see a competing board from Asus anytime soon? I really don't want to leave Asus for MSI but thi...

PCIX Speed Gen version

Hello,after solving my problem, that the first graphics card only runned x8 in the first slot (now both run at x16), i have a nearby question.Under the PCIX settings in UEFI i have only the settings, Auto, Gen1 and Gen2. Is this normal? Should it not...

bernisv by Level 7
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Missing PCIE lanes

Hello,Asus RVE, bios1401, 5960X, G.Skill 3200 16gb, EVGA Titan X - four cards ( 4 way SLI ), rest is usual staff.PCIe slot 2 defaults at x1 link speed even with one card installed.PCIe slot 3 defaults at x8 either with one card or 2-way SLI.Upgraded ...

gkinvest by Level 7
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Rampage V Formula/Gene/Impact/Hero

So since the last time we got any news about more RoG motherboards for X99 was in 2014 i thourght i would ask again, are there any plans for more rampage motherboards?

Natskyge by Level 7
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ThunderboltEX II & ASUS Rampage V Extreme compatibility

Hello,I have got short question. Is ThunderboltEX II or ThunderboltEX II/Dual (or maybe both of them) is 100% compatibile with Rampage V Extreme ? Theoreticly YES, but on ASUS product website is not on a list of compatibile Mobo.Proof: http://www.asu...

Szaquak by Level 7
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Is the V Extreme Too Problematic?

I'm getting a new gaming computer soon and i was leaning toward the RAMPAGE V EXTREME/U3.1, but after seeing all the problems everyone here is reporting im not so sure anymore.Most of the problems ive read are from people who overclock. I won't over...

Ruok2bu by Level 7
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Intel RAID/AHCI Win10 32bit&64bit V14.5.0.1081 under Windows 10

Hello,I have just noticed there is Intel RAID/AHCI Win10 32bit&64bit V14.5.0.1081 drivers under Windows 10 for the Rampage V Extreme.Does this mean Rampage V Extreme is going to get a Intel RAID ROM/EFI BIOS module update soon to go with the new driv...

Qcode A0 vs AA

So in my other thread I sent back the refurbished board they sent me and I am attempting to fix mine. I had one bent pin and one that's either pushed into the socket or snapped in half. When it was like that 2 of the DIMMs wouldn't show up. I bent on...