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OMG Help! Im getting "Preparing Automatic Repair" screen AGAIN

Alright I'm on the verge of sending this board back and getting something different. I've never had a board this temperamental! First time I installed Windows and got everything just right, I was doing some last minute cable management and accidental...

yahknow1 by Level 7
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RVE and M.2 Issues

First of all - my config, and some other Information that may by relevant. - RVE bios 1502- 5960x - corsair h110i gt- Corsair 16GB PC4-17100U DDR4-2132 (15-15-16-37 4-52-17-6)- 2x GTX970 Asus Strix - 1x Samsung SM951- Mix other disc- 1500i CorsairSce...

Rampage V bios problems

Hi, i currently have bios version 1103 for the board. I have tried with both bios chips and all bios updates past 1103 and they update correctly but when the pc restarts i get the bios load screen then it says: "Bios is updating"."Do not shut down or...

Troubleshooting Win 8.1 install

Here's my setup:MB: Asus RVECPU: 5960X (stock)RAM: Corsair Dominator Pt 8x8GB 2666MHz C15SSD: samsung SM951 512GB (and 850 Pro 1TB for storage)GPU: Titan x (3 way SLI)PSU: Corsair AX1500iCase: CL Merlin SM8Cooling: Custom, copper hardline, EK, bitspo...

Sycheuk by Level 7
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Don't recocgizes HDDs sometimes

Hello everybody,my problem is that my PC didn't recognize my second HDDs sometimes.The most time it detects them but like today it only recognizes my boot SSD and my second SSD.One day it detects only the boot device.After a restart or a cmos flash i...

Arion94 by Level 7
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BIOS 1 not working Qcode 00 loop? Any ideas how to fix without RMA?

I have a few month old RVE running 1401 bios and was working flawlessly but I copied BIOS 2 to BIOS 1 and now BIOS 1 is screwed, when i power on I get Q-code 00 then it restarts and 00 again then just loops. Ive tried clearing the CMOS, Ive tried US...

bodgeup by Level 7
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[ Solved] Unable to boot into a linux USB flash drive.

I created a live USB with Linux Mint 17 on it, tested on my laptop and it works/boots fine. Having said this I can not get it to boot on the Rampage V Extreme ROG motherboard. In BIOS I clear the keys which turn the Secure Boot off, and I also change...

New to the forum with my new build

Hi guys, just got my new rig up and running a few weeks ago and thought is was time I popped in to say whats up to everyone. I'm 39 and have built every PC I have had since around 99 this one being around my 8th and most extreme build. I'm a little e...

Reboot Issue

Hello,i have just completed my new build and have expierenced a strange issue. Everytime i try to reboot, the system gets stuck in theInitialisation Screen (AMI BIOS) directly after the ROG Logo. Using shutdown or reset the system boots properly.If t...

What is wrong with the RE5! Someone help as ASUS want

So i'm having huge issues with my PC, saved up any my money to buy a RE5 and a 5960X so i could enjoy owning my first true highend machine and its been a fricken nightmare. The issue is that i went to turn my pc on and out of nowhere it said that it ...

sorry6 by Level 7
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