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Realtek Audio_V6_0_1_7525_Win10_WHQL for R5E

Someone knows it why the downloading drivers for Rampage V bracket to remove the Realtek Audio_V6_0_1_7525_Win10_WHQL drivers who was present since July 15, 2015? I had downloaded and installed and no problems. and for some time the support removed t...

cekeu by Level 12
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USB 3.0 Speed question

When moving some files from USB flash drive, I noticed speed difference when using different ports. I'm using the front ports on my Corsair 780t case.USB 3.0 Left Port: 150 MBUSB 3.0 Right Port: 40MBIs this Normal?Flashdrive to Western Digital 6TB Gr...

Strix 980 touching the IO cooler

Hi has anyone tried installing an Asus Strix 980 at Rampage V extreme?When I placed it the back is touching the IO plate, please see image below. Is it normal, or I got a faulty motherboard?


msi gtx lightinng slot?

Thank you for your time, i have a R3e now with a gtx lightning 780 I have it in slot 3 as the top has 1/4" round top that lights up with msi logo, tight fit. I have ordered a RVE. with 5930 cpu. Can I fit it on slot 1, or if i have to use another ...

Aimbot59 by Level 7
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Rampage V reboots uncommanded at random.

I've been having issues with this board ever since I got it. First it was throwing a d6 error when the board reboots after a stock OC attempt, forcing me to reset the BIOS.I forced the system to manual, not OCing any of the components, getting it to...

Driver Missing Windows 10

Hello I install windows 10 with the new driver but it makes me a missing driver :I think it's USB drivers missing someone he'd you an idea?THX..

Ilyes59 by Level 7
  • 8 replies
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Q code 6F

I occasionally get a Q code of 6F (or bF) on restart of the PC. It hangs at 6F for several seconds and then just shuts down after closing out windows. So instead of a restart, it just shuts down. Happens 2 or 3 times per week. I noticed it after doin...

Hopper64 by Level 15
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Windows 10 Driver thread

There is only sparse driver support for windows 10 for our R5E at the Asus site currently which I am sure is being addressed. In the meantime, suggestions for chipset, LAN, SATA, etc drivers? Should we be using the drivers for windows 8.1 for now?Pos...

Hopper64 by Level 15
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Rampage V extreme and Windows 10!?

Will rampage v extreme fully support windows 10? Drivers? softwares (allsuite3)?

JuSiZ1 by Level 10
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Small Issues and questions About Rampage V Extreme (First Time Builder)

Specs:- i7 5960x- 64 gigs of Ram - Corsair Dominator Platinum at 2800mhz- Samsung Pro 850 Pro 1TB- Corsair H110i GTX - Corsair 780t Case- Windows 10 Home 64 Bit1. For some reason during boot-ups it will start up and then just shutdown. Second try I h...

Revan654 by Level 7
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