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R5E10 upgrade onboard WiFi to 9260

Hi, currently motherboard R5E10 has onboard WiFi module Azurwave AW-CB160H which is Broadcom BCM94360HMB half-size miniPCIe card.Throughout of it isn’t much, on latest drivers (which are still dated as 2016) I am able to get only 360 Mbit download an...

Belik by Level 7
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6850K (Broadwell-E) new user question ...

Hi.I've been experimenting with a BD-E chip (6850K) using the "The Broadwell-E Overclocking Guide" as my guide:https://edgeup.asus.com/2016/broadwell-e-overclocking-guide/?_ga=2.191108130.961799817.1557151925-471130786.1492269479All running under a c...

1902 Modded Bios ready.

Intel EFI RAIDriver Gigabit UNDI 0.0.09OROMS:Intel RST OROM Boot Agent CL 0.1.06 Microcode 36(2015/08/10)Realtek module removed.Big thanks to Unb0rn on the win-raid forums for modding this so fast.http://www.win-raid...

GoNz0- by Level 10
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Q-code 6f-Rampage V Extreme

I have a Rampage V Extreme, I7-5820K processor, DDR4 memories, Dominator Platinum 3000Mhz, 15-17-17-35 CR2, and Bios updated to the latest version (3801)I made an overclok 4.5 Mhz with VCORE of 1.624, it is stabilized and passed all the tests.But I h...

Ramapage V Extreme Where is the headphone port?

I finally am connecting headphones to the Motherboard and am connecting it to the line out port on the motherboard panel.My problem is that Sonic Studio and the Supreme FX software says headphones need to be connected to the front panel.Where is the ...

Q-Code 79

Hi All,I recently took my AIO out of my machine to clean it, although when I put it back I started getting a load of BSOD's "WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR".So I reset my BIOS of safe defaults and now my system just hangs on Q-Code 79 with the VGA_LED lit....

Disable CPU Fan Error when Fan/Cooler is not Connected to CPU Header.

I need little help.I want to connect my 3 fans from radiator to ASUS Extension Fan Card.But I can't boot in Windows when I remove Fan from CPU Fan Header.Motherboard is Rampage V E10.If someone have this motherboard or know this problem to explain me...

Vlada011 by Level 10
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Is R5E BIOS 3902 no longer considered Beta?

I noticed a few weeks ago that the red "Beta Bios" text is gone from the 3902 bios download link here https://www.asus.com/us/Motherboards/RAMPAGE_V_EXTREME/HelpDesk_BIOS/But in the description text, it still says beta bios.So which is it? Is the BIO...

Updated bios finally after years and extremly annoyed.

So i finally updated the bios after years. I had ran with the original bios that was shipped with my board and had no issues at all. I updated with hopes of gaining a performance increase also figuring it was time i finally did so. Since then i h...

ph33rz by Level 7
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5930K vs 5960X

I have recently replaced my 5930K with a 5960X.Voltages aside, overclock settings are the same between each system - 44x CPU and 42x cache.Q1: I have C-STATES disabled. I am using Windows power settings to have the CPU clock down to ~12x when idle...

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