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128GB DDR4 Memory Setup For Rampage V Extreme

The Haswell-E platform and DDR4 standard opened up a door to new possibilities in regards to memory capacity. With the availability of high-performance X99 motherboards with 8 memory slots and 16GB memory modules, we find ourselves at the threshold o...

57035 57036 57037 57038
Chino by Level 15
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Rampage V Edition 10 Not posting BIOS LED blinking

Hi! Good day everyone. I need help. My motherboard RVEX suddenly shut down. MB LEDs were off even the PSU is plugged and switched ON. I was surprised since the LEDs should light up when the PC is off but plugged. However, what I can only see are the ...

Q-Code 76, Red CPU led & Flashing PCIe 4?

I've been running fine for months. CPU is under water and clocked to 4.3Ghz.(tested Prime stable)This morning, all of a sudden I can't boot and see this:Q-Code 76, Red CPU led & Flashing PCIe 4(I only have a card in PCIe 1)I can't even get to the BIO...

biship by Level 7
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rog rampage v extreme running 2 nvme

i have a rog rampage extreme v and i had 2 nvme and i had 1 pci mvme adapter that took 1 nvme then i got another nvme so i bought a 4 slot nvme pci adapter and i put both in it i tryd alot of things and i could only ever get it to run 1 nvme so befor...

Fangn by Level 7
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Please help me get my SM951 NVME disk to run!

After a lot of work and even more waiting, I got my hands on a SM951 NVME.I'm more of a gamer than anything else and this year I spend a lot on my gaming rig.I have a Rampage V Extreme, i7 5960X, 64GB DDR4 2400MHZ, 2 Titan X, Xonar Phoebus and the la...

MarcosMK by Level 9
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First time owning / using an Asus board. POST reads 3 keyboards, 1 mouse, 4 hubs. I only have 1 keyboard and 1 mouse and no hubs. The keyboard is an old sidewinder with programmable keys, and the mouse is a G502. My previous board Asrock X99 does not...

bell by Level 7
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Bifurcation on R5E10

Just read in other forums, that people did mod their BIOS to turn on bifurcation on the x99 platform. ASRock even released an beta BIOS with bifurcation support.I want to run an ASUS HYPER M.2 X16 CARD on my Rampage V Edition 10 with two NVMe driv...

Aysberg by Level 10
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Rampage V - Hard reboot seconds after initial boot.

Greetings ROG sportsfans (well if your sport is awesome computer hardware)!I have received my replacement motherboard for my last RVE which had severe issues relating to random boot failures. Those issues were experienced with no overclock applied an...

No display after bios reset to defaults

I upgraded my pc, a new mb ram and cpu. All old parts were working before. mb: z790 strix gaming wificpu: i5-13600kf gpu: gtx 1080 (next upgrade)ram: Teamgroup 7800 ddr5psu: evga 1000 watt goldstorage: Corsair nvme, Samsung evo pro ssd, 2 old HDDsWhe...

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