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SupremeFX 5.1 is not working

Hi, I´m using the onboard SupremeFX at my computer, but I´m having a problem because the sound is not working in all 5 speakers and subwoofer. The sound is working only at the two speakers. I checked the settings and 5.1 option is checked. Anyone...

robgio by Level 7
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Slow POST 2 Mins

Hi all,I have an issue with my new build:Intel i7-5820KRAMPAGE V EXTREME x9932GB Kingston HyperX DDR4 Predator 2133MHzNVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 TICorsair Hydro H100i GTX CPU Cooler512GB Samsung SM951 AHCI M.2Corsair TX850M PSUWhen I boot the computer it...

themodem by Level 7
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Bios 1 not working HELP ;(

After some hassle while installing windows 10, i tryed to force bios 2 .After switching to bios 1 again Somehow the installation while switchting failed. After the Bios number 1 stoped working and giving me 00 error code i switched again to 2 and tha...

Will my Asus Extreme v Rampage fit in any of these cases?

Hi!So my first parts came in today,the motherboard and the ram.I still didnt order the case yet, because i have some feeling it wil not fit.The case's are :Silverstone FT02Silverstone FT05I have checked their supported motherboards.And E-ATX is not s...

I pulled the trigger

After reading everything I could find out about x99 boards (not to mention all the videos), I finally decided on the R5E. The x99-e ws was a close second. To be honest, I went with ASUS because of the fan options and the sensors. I have a 360 and ...

[Windows 10] Intel I218-V LAN not working

Hi guys,I was wondering if anyone has the same issue.When upgrading to Windows 10 from Windows 8.1, the LAN stopped working. Now I can only use Wifi on my x99 Motherboard, which is slow.This is on my ASUS x99 Rampage Extreme.I have downloaded ALL the...

51299 51300 51301

UEFI install / questions

About to start up a new build with this mobo / 2x 840 pro ssds / 2x Titan X's / 5960x and not sure how to go about making sure my win 8.1 pro gets installed in UEFI correctly. Reading around it looks like i need to put this on a USB as CD-ROM has iss...

Lynkdev by Level 10
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Bootup Problem

Hi everyone,I have been experiencing some issues of late. My case is a HAF X. The top IO panel was broken so I was replacing the. Before the replacement my computer was booting up fine and everything was normal.After I replaced the IO panel my comput...

PCIE_3 lane 4x link

Hi,Is there any way to force the third PCIE lane to link with the graphics card at 16x on a single card configuration?I mean, I can't connect my gefocre 780 gtx to the PCIE_1 lane (i'm using this case and the PCIE riser isn't long enough to connect t...

RVE won't turn on with OC Panel plugged into header

I purchased an RVE about a month ago, and the board wouldn't turn on. The LEDs were illuminated, so I knew the board was getting power, but it wouldn't turn on no matter what I did. So I ordered a second one from Newegg and submitted an RMA for the f...