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Keep losing my boot drive lmao

I have posted about this before but it is still a regular occurrence for me Every so often when i start up my PC it goes strait to eufi. The reason for this even tho the post screen gives my boot drive a green ok is that there is no boot drive lmao.W...

Goucho by Level 8
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Computer can wake from naps, but not from sleep

HowdyI recently picked up a pc with a Rampage V Extreme mobo, intel i7 5820, dominator 2800 ddr4 memory (16gb) and an evga geofirce 980 GTX (DP and 2 dvi ports used for 3 monitors total). The machine is not overclocked, nor do I want to overclock it....

la528it by Level 7
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A blue screen once per day!

Hello,I am in need of some advice since I have no clue what to do next.The SystemASUS Rampage V ExtremeIntel Core i7-5960X4x F4-2133C15-8GRK (F4-2133C15Q-32GRK 32 GB Kit)2x NVIDIA GeForce GTX TITAN X SC (SLI)2x Samsung 850 Pro 512GBSound onboard3x Mo...


Windows Paging File Can Mess with stability Testing

To anyone who can have similar problems:I was having this problem with overclocking - On a fresh reboot all stability and stress tests would pass without any glitch. But overnight when I would run the tests again they would fail, rendering me and my ...

Pleot by Level 8
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XTU stress test

Viable on the 5960x ... yeah or neah? SS

Perko by Level 8
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Raid 0+1 Read Performance with Intel RST

Has anyone else run into low performance on Reads when using the Rampage V Extreme with Intel RST in a Raid 10 (0+1) configuration? From my other computer (which has an intel raid controller PCI-E card in it) and identical drives in Raid 10 I am gett...

jwendl by Level 7
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Correct SATA III Ports for RAID 0 SSD's

Okay, so to connect two SATA III SSD's in RAID 0: We do not use the ports in the ASMedia SATA Express controller, which are "SATA6G_E3E4 and SATAEXPRESS_E1; and, due to chipset behavior that does not support IRST including RAID configuration, we also...

ASUS X99 Deluxe and SM951 AHCI M.2 Issue

Hi Guys, I am posting this here as this is one of the most competent Forums around the web altough my board is not from the ROG Series. I have an ASUS X99 Deluxe Motherboard (latest BIOS 1801) and a SM951 AHCI M.2 SSD. Every other time I cold boot th...

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