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OC and Windows 10 1903

Can anyone confirm that the new 1903 version of Windows 10 messes with overclocking again?.I have a X99 gaming with a i7 6800K and the last version Windows (1803) disabled overclocking in the BIOS, this was fixed with the 1903 BIOS but it took Asus a...

ThomasMu by Level 7
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Windows 1903 overclocking issue again

Hello,I can't bear this anymore. After the 1903 update, my overlock doesn't work again.I'm on an Asus X99 Deluxe II and I don't know what to do anymore.I've also tried to modify the genuine intel file but it doesn't do anything, not to mention that ...

Updated OC Panel FW, LCD stopped working

So i got my Rampage a week ago and loving it. I decided it was time to start overclocking the system and use the OC panel. I was browsing the forums and i found the thread about how to use it as well as a link to how to properly update the FW.So i di...

M.2 shares PCIe slot: help with additional NVMe drives

Alrighty, according to the manual, PCIe slot 3 shares the lanes with the dedicated m.2 slot on the motherboard. Am I able though to hook up another M.2 drive on the PCIe Slot 3? Like have an NVMe drive plugged into the m.2 slot and install another on...

Rampage V Edition 10 Qcode 00

Hi, I have issue with my PC . I have used my pc and shutted down normally the next day morning I tried open, when I pressed power button leds and fans running normally, qcode 00 , cpu led up , pcie led 2 and 3 up , 4 flasing . after a few seconds shu...

emre42 by Level 7
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Rampage v10 VGA LED

Hello my friends,From yesterday when i turn on my computer VGA led (The second from above) is on and white.computer works good.but is everything OK?Before yesterday LED was always off

asus areion 10g and thunderbold for rampage v e10

dear i have rampage v e10, i wanna buy asus areion 10g pci and thunderbolt3. i use front usb too,. in manuel write if you use some pci-e usb will dissableThe PCIEx4_1 slot shares bandwidth with front USB3_34 ports and back USB3.1_EC1_EA2 ports.If a ...

afshin by Level 7
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Strix New Bios

Strix Gaming BIOS 1902 Betahttps://www.asus.com/Motherboards/ROG-STRIX-X99-GAMING/HelpDesk_Download/

x99 Ram Expansion

Hi. I have an ASUS Rog Strix x99 Gaming MB, a 6900K and 16gb (2x8) ram. They obviously run in dual channel. Now, if I bought the same kit again, could I even run them in quad channel? Would there be problems?My ram run in xmp at 3200mhz (16/18/18/38)...

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