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QR Code d6

I have:Rampage V ExtremeIntel 5960X2x GeForce 980TiG.Skill RAM 32GBIntel 750 1.2TB2x Intel 730 480GBCorsair AX1200i PSUMy QR code stops on "d6" and goes no further. The manual says that code means"No Console Output Devices are found"? What do I do?

RAID 0 array & ASMedia driver not detected unless power is cut

Hello everyone,So I am faced with a very strange issue; my array disappears whenever I restart or shut down the computer. After booting, I am transferred to the BIOS and I am shown that no bootable devices are detected. If I cut off power, the system...

A Bluetooth question under win10

Hello i have now windows 10 , and everything works suprisingly well , but one thing i found and i have no idea what could it be or how to fix this one.The bluetooth works , i can see my devices, all fine , also i can hmm "pairing" them (< hope this i...

Nonny by Level 10
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did the wrong update... need help

Hello can anyone please help me out? I think iv just updated the Rog OC panel on the Rampage v 3.1 with the Rog OC front base FW. I just got the mobo today. it was working but i just downloaded all the drivers off the asus site. as the cd didnt work ...

Cloning XP941 M.2 to 950 Pro M.2 without additional M.2 adaptor

I need some help/advice.I have Windows 10 running on a XP941 M.2 drive and just bought a 512GB 950 Pro M.2.I would like to migrate/clone my XP941 M.2 to the new M.2 drive.In the region I am at the moment, M.2 to PCI-e adapters are not on stock and ha...

ariskar by Level 7
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Cant boot computer

ComputerCPU: i7-5960XMotherboard: R5EPSU: Corsair AX1200iGPU: Asus Strix GTX980tiMemory: Corsair dominator 4X8G 3000MHzMy computer shut down for no reason. After that, I cant boot it up. There is no response when I press start on case nor on motherbo...

kaaala by Level 7
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bd, CMOS or Memory starts okay but cold starts not

Motherboard; Asus rampage V ExetremeRam; G.Skill Value F4-2133C15Q-16GNT 16GB (4x4GB) DDR4GPU: Asus Strixir 980tiPSU; Antec 750watStorage: Samsung 950 m.2 265gb / Samsung Evo 750 500gig SSD / Western Digital 3TB x 2Hey guys. Literally built this comp...

Samsung 950 Pro M.2 and BCLK on XMP profiles causing downgraded M.2 speeds

So I am looking at building a new computer to replace my 10 year old piece of junk. I was reading about the Samsung 950 Pro M.2 and stumbled upon this article. I am bringing it here to help those that might be having a similar issue:http://www.bit-te...

BeltFed by Level 7
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Cannot boot to Windows 10

My computer was working just fine, until I decided to do a Restart today. Now, when I boot up, I see the BIOS screen, the Windows 10 logo, then the computer goes to that black screen. After that, the computer will reboot itself, and the process wil...

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