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Extremely poor bluetooth range

Bought a new Razer Bluetooth mouse to go along with my Razer Blackwidow Ultimate keyboard.At first, it would not connect at all. The OS, (Win 8.1), says it was searching for any Bluetooth devices, but it would never detect or pair with the mouse. W...

comrade by Level 7
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Is there a way to change the boot monitor in the bios?

I'm running an Asus 660ti. I believe the EFI firmware successfully installed. I don't see an option in the bios for changing which monitor the computer boots to prior to the OS. If it's not in the bios is there a way to change which port the video ca...

All USB ports fail after resuming of sleep mode and rebooting

The Usb ports don't work during POST, but always after resuming of sleep mode and rebooting from Windows 7x64 or Linux Mint 17.2 Cinnamon. Later, when the O.S. is loaded, the ports work fine again until the next POST, during the reboot, when fail aga...

nsb__ by Level 7
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PCI-E Slot Setup Help.

Hello, I’m looking for some help setting up my RVE PCI-E Slots. I have the following hardware.Intel 5960x CPU32Gb's Corsair Dominator Platinum CMD16GX4M4A1800C162x Nvidia GTX Titan XSoundBlaster ZXRSamsung 950 Pro M.2 512gbDoes this PCI-E configurat...

Lotek by Level 7
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G Skill F4-3300C16Q-16GRRD with a R5E

Hello TeamI'm new to the forum lingo. I recently upgraded to the new R5E, new power supply consairAX860 and a new water cooler Consair H100iQTX. The main hard drive is a Samsung 840 1terabyte and a Nvidia GTX780TI. I also got new ram as mentioned i...

Uloid by Level 7
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Is it worth disabling XMP to overclock processor?

When I first put my system together, I didn't overclock anything other than that I enabled my 2666 MHz memory XMP profile. I never once disabled it during my last couple months of overclocking attempts. But I've been thinking, what are the realisti...

Qwinn by Level 11
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Driver stability issues

I finished my build for some time now but i kept getting problems with drivers and getting BSODs and many problems. first it started with DRIVER_POWER_FAILURE BSODs, very annoying BSODs in the middle of gaming. so i ran the Driver verifier and it app...

OC Panel showing all 0's

I got my new RVE system up and running and the last thing I did was intall the OC panel. It worked the first day and temps and fan speed showed up. The next day, only 0's show on the display. I just realized today that I didn't have the FRONTBASE_...

red454 by Level 11
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DAMMIT! Overvoltage error again after restart during W10 Install

WTF is going on ASUS!If I get a heart attack and die due to this message my ghost is gonna hunt you guys forever Now serious...I'm getting a bit pissed off about this error.This time I didn't change ANYTHING, just happend after a restart.And again th...

SB_NL_ by Level 9
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