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Usb 3.0 bclk

Apologize for the newb question. I recently started transferring some large files via USB 3.0 (3gb+) I've done some quick research on the interwebs and found out that if the BCLK is modified, USB 3.0 transfer speeds are reduced?The reason I'm asking,...

Ubuntu Installation Issues - UEFI & ACPI?

Hi,Currently I wish to set up a dual boot configuration with Ubuntu as my secondary OS. However, everytime I try booting from the bootable Ubuntu USB (Corsair Voyager 32GB) I get the following error: http://i.imgur.com/tpKT1pY.jpgThe error occurs rig...

Arkhen by Level 7
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Rampage increases IDLE VCore when loading XMP

Hey guys,pls excuse my english-skills Last week, i bought the rampage V with an 5820k.Evertime i load the XMP Profile of my RAM (tried a corsair 2133 and a kingston 2400) the rampage increases the idle VCore to 1.050V.Is that normal, so i have to set...

Graphics GTX card works perfect in 3rd PCI-E slot, BUT NOT IN 4th. WHY?

Hi folks! Sso proud to own the X99 Rampage V Extreme :rolleyes: First some technodelicious SPECS: Intel 5820K | Noctua NH-D15 | 16GB | Samsung 950 pro 512GB | W7 64 | 970 GTX | 470 GTX | Antec Platinum 850 | Corsair D700...In case you wondered wh...

Constant beep on post?

I have a constant beep beep beep beep on start no matter what I do. BIOS reset, remove board battery, complete power off/disconect. Looked at manual and see nothing regarding post beep. Any thoughts?SS

Perko by Level 8
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Optimal configuration for new hardware upgrade

Good day all.Long time lurker seeking help for new hardware upgrade. I currently have the following hardware :-Asus rampage V i7 5960x16 gb ramTitan xCorsair neutron gtx 128 ssdAsus xonar stxIIcustom watercooled gpu, ram and cpu.I have recently acqui...

BIOS 1801 Dumb question

Just wanted to know why the date of the latest BIOS is wrong, at least on the boot screen.1701 date showed up as 08/14/2015, now 1801 shows 10/01/2015. Did anyone notice this?

Need a certain DIP 5

I need the DIP 5 version shown in this video https://youtu.be/tSz4qydUL2cI downloaded the latest version from Asus but it still shows my overclock allowed at 4.4. The version in the video shows a completely different version that test the system and ...

OC advice 5820k 4.5ghz 4.5ghz uncore 1.2v

hey im currentuly running my 5820k @ 1.198vcore @ 4500mhz (100 bclk) and cache @ 4500 1.200v it passes OCCT 1h / Prime 95 1344k and Realbench Stresstest / Benchmark.im able to run realbench stresstest at 4.7ghz 1.3v and 4.6ghz @ 1.263v (havent touche...

Minsekt by Level 7
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