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Lost LN2 jumper switch HELP

I lost my ln2/switch and since I don't use ln2 I'm worried now without it that I can't disable it? Can I get a replacement somewhere ? I looked but had no luck.Thanks

Thrgk by Level 7
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Shutting down Win 10 BUT PC keeps running

Hi I check the energy settings, bios is oke but everytime I schut down win 10 my screens turns black in stand buy what's normal but the computer itselfs wont shut down ! I have to put down for a few seconds the start stop button, then de computer sto...

ASUS MARKETING REP: I would spend $500 for an RGB R5E....

Dear Asus Marketing Rep:Yes I said it.I would spend 500 USD for an R5E RGB providing:1. It comes with onboard USB 3.12. It will work with the 10 x core "6960x" or whatever Skylake-E is called.IF YOU BUILD IT, THEY WILL COME

System instability with System Agent or DRAM Voltage maybe?

So my machine crashed when I was nearly done with the long version and that's why I'm posting...massive system instability.I'll keep it shorter this time.I have a 16 month old build, notoriously unstable from day 1 but varying greatly over time. It s...

Updated memory QVL for RVE

Hello,What's the most recent QVL for memory ? Seems i can't find that information with the search tab on the forums.Max

Install , Disable CSM?

Hello hello,Well, here is what I am going to do.Update machine to windows 10 on the xp941 (although I dont think this is necessary any longer, I think a legit windows 7 key can just be inserted now with a clean install of 10) but I guess I should pla...

Upgrading to windows 10 & BIOS question

Alright so today I'll be upgrading to windows 10.I'll be completely wiping my entire SSD & perform a clean install of windows 10 using a bootable USB drive.I'm still using BIOS Version 802 for Windows 8.1 64Bit.So how should I go about updating my BI...

Frankz by Level 7
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Memory rec for this board

Can someone please recommend or link memory for this mobo that they recommend? I am going to try replacing my gskill 2666 due to continued horrible system instability (both at boot up and multiple crashes a day) in hopes it is memory related, althoug...

Need Explanation on pciexpress Version

Hello,In the sequence of reading another post describing problems with usb 3.0 I came to a doubt, could someone explain?This is what my chipset info looks like - there is the usb 3.0 controler installed so I guess it is right, What I would like to kn...

Pleot by Level 8
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Usb 3.0 bclk

Apologize for the newb question. I recently started transferring some large files via USB 3.0 (3gb+) I've done some quick research on the interwebs and found out that if the BCLK is modified, USB 3.0 transfer speeds are reduced?The reason I'm asking,...

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