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Digi+ power settings

Just curious what everyone here has changed in the bios regarding these values and their oc?

Very odd question regarding video card frame rates.

OK bare with me a few seconds. I'll do my best to explain this.First know that I have indeed verified this by swapping various parts between my Z97 and X99 boxes. I have two 2560x1440 monitors. A Dell U2713HM and a Acer XB270HU. I have three 980Ti's ...

Perko by Level 8
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5820K Overclock settings look right?

Hello hope yous can all help me out a bit. iv spent most of the day overclocking my 5820-k to 4.6Ghz. Just want to know if my settings look ok for 4.6ghz for 24/7 use. plus i want to know what settings i need to make, so that the CPU VCore will drop ...

Rampage V Extreme vs. MSI Godlike

Since almost 8 Months im a proud owner of the Asus Rampage V Extreme Mainboard. Since day one it was quite stable till some windows 10 issues arised. But they where solved quite fast. Since than my machine is stable and a joy for gaming. The intel 59...

Fan Xpert - A vs. B question

Hey all,When using Fan Xpert 3 inside of AI Suite, it shows all my fans (bottom right); however in the top section, it will not read a fan if it's on B vs. A port.I wanted to use 3B over 3A given its location and keeping the case clean. Is there any ...


asus ac-rt5300 router and RVE wireless adapter

Hello,I could use some help here.Just got new router, was able to setup ton of things including link aggregation (port 1-2 connected to my switch which supports LACP).Now I have an synology NAS on that switch also with LACP at 4 ports, 2 for router a...

mirkoj by Level 7
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5930k overclocking / cooling / newbie blowing stuff up! Lots of questions!

Hey all,Still getting my feet wet with everything OC. Kinda flying blind just learning as I go; however a few things. First off, my recently completed rig: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/K6CZ6hNow for all my questions, thank you in advance!1) My first pas...

adambean by Level 7
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Mouse advice

Now my G700 Logitech laser mouse is dying need a new one.Any advice? Something precise, resistant and not very expensive?

Pleot by Level 8
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Problem installing ai suite

Hi,I have a rampage v and am trying to install ai suite 111 from the asus site (no odd) and when i run setup.exe I get a CreateProcess Failed (2) and then a bunch of other error's.Does anyone know how to get passed this and install it please?I just w...

barkuna by Level 7
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