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OC Panel bricked?

Hey,im using W10 Pro x64 and ive installed the OC Panel Firmware update but now the panel does not work anymore, it just stays off. uninstall/install the updater again doesnt do anything. any ideas?

Minsekt by Level 7
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Dual Raid0?

Ive searched all over the internet and can't find anything close to answering my question. I know it comes with 2 sets of SATA, I believe on intel and one marvel. I currently have a Raid0 array with 4SSD on the intel ports. Can I run another raid0 wi...

Hartacus by Level 10
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X99-a LAN issues

Hi, I own a brand new x99-a motherboard and unfortunately the intel gigabit LAN is giving me issues, when I install the driver ( from the disc) task manager give me error code 10 device was not installed properly. I have even tried downloading and tr...

Overclock suggestions

I recently went from 1701 to 1902 bios. It didn't like the setup I had before. So I start the process over again. So far my overclock on the cpu is as follows bclk 100all 6 cores 43 @1.35vcpu cache ratio at 43agent voltage at 1.0vram set at stk for...

drop4205 by Level 12
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ASUS (In search of incredible logo)

Sometimes during boot - this logo does not appear.Only lower text (press del to enter the bios menu) - and i can go into bios - save setting,chagne setting. all works fine - boot into OS is fine.I Use win 10 pro.Ram working in XMP profile - this is G...

Deceiver by Level 10
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Boot Issue ON rAMPAGE v EXTREME W 3.1

During power on from cold boot system will not boot to default boot device. After pressing safe boot switch on board BIOS will load and by pressing F8 in BIOS system will boot to proper drive. System will shut down properly but will not reboot. Hav...

Any Solution to the Multiple Reboots/Resets?

When I started using my X99 Deluxe board last summer, I was a little annoyed at the reset/reboot/reset/reboot/power-off/power-on cycle I had to do to get it to finally start loading Windows. That curse seems to have followed me to the Rampage V, and...

jasonvp by Level 7
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Rampage V extreme vs X99-E WS

i've always owned an Asus Rampage type motherboard and at the end of the year im gonna make a new build once again with an Asus Rampage V board. MONEY WILL NOT BE AN ISSUE WITH THIS NEXT BUILD But one of my friends suggested that I buy this Asus mo...

H100i GTX Corsair Liquid Cooler "CPU fan 0000 RPM"

Hello, I have just installed a new Corsair H100i GTX liquid cooler on my Asus Rampage V Extreme motherboard. The install went good, everything is connected and running, the cpu temp stays around 30 degrees all the time. Just one thing isn't working r...

New Memory slower than my old DDR3 System

Hello,I have built a new PC for me.R5E, i7-5820K with CMD16GX4M4B3200C15 @ ddr4-3200 15-17-17-30 1tThe Read and write speed is less than with my old system.What can i do ?Other ram with more speed e.g. ddr4-3600 ?Thanks

Benqer by Level 7
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